1. God bless him!
    Best wishes from a former Russian citizen, who, fortunately, left Russia almost 10 years ago before the hell started 😅

  2. Very few people in this planet have the nerve to laugh in the face of death. This man is invincible.

    1. ​@Алена П Russian common sense for killing critics and every serious political opposition in russia: “but what about assange?”

  3. It turns out that the USA has removed Tucker Carlson from Fox News, and Mr. Navalny is a hero for your channel, what about Julian Assange?

    1. @GoryOrator No he can’t. The US has promised if Navalny accidentally dies in prison, there will be…. consequences.
      You think Russia gives him 6 months of solitaire confinement for no reason?

  4. They offered him a sixth floor hospital room, especially made for “suicides”. He declined the offer.

    1. Sounds good. However let’s note how nothing changed since Stalin despite they having the west friendly Gorbachev in the meantime. Russia needs to be broken up into multiple manageable sized countries.

    2. ​@S T while there had been progress in Russian political freedom, Putin put a half to it and even regressed to an authoritarian regime

  5. Navalny is a martyr. The power of martyrdom is the example it show to believe that even in the darkest time, there is still a light. That light strengthen us and keep the good prevail.

  6. instead of Solitary Confinement the Russian state must move some Tall muscular guys in his cell to give NAVALNY some LGBTQ experience.😁

  7. How many people in the USA are in solitary confinement permanently? It’s inhumane, I know because I have been in solitary confinement

  8. Well I don’t blame the man although the situation looks bleak you got a crack a joke to get through it 🤔

  9. Nevalny’s defiance is a symbol all by itself.

    If only all of Russia could be as brave as him, then this genocide would not be.

  10. I have tried several times but I could not make out his “humorous comment.” But this man is a great man.

  11. putin fears Navalny more than any other person in Russia. That shows both what an extraordinary individual Mr. Navalny is and what a small, petty man putin is. The world is with you Mr. Navalny.👏👏👏✊️🗽

  12. The most time I’ve ever gone without food was 2 days because I was fasting. As I was counting down the minutes toward the end, a single piece of lettuce looked like a feast. I can only imagine what this man is feeling.

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