Jan. 6th Committee To Begin On Tuesday | MSNBC

The House select committee charged with investigating the Jan. 6 attack will begin hearings on Tuesday. Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) became the latest Republican addition to the team after being tapped by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA) joined NBC’s Joshua Johnson to discuss Rep. Kinzinger’s appointment and what he would like to see the committee investigate.

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Jan. 6th Committee To Begin On Tuesday | MSNBC


  1. I can’t wait until McCarthy is sitting in front of the Commission squirming and sweating buckets, while being questioned by Cheney. 😨 👍

    1. Why can’t every citizen be subjected to the laws of this country? Plumk and all of his lackeys should be forced to testify regardless

  2. The riot itself is fully documented.
    It’s the events leading up to, and the response to the failed coup that has certain Republicans in Congress so deeply concerned.
    They know who they are.

    1. @Steve Austin aww, isn’t that cute, baby lerned how to leave a comment on youtube to spew fantasies, lies, and no evidence for any of it’s claims. lying didn’t work for trump and it won’t work for you child, grow up and face reality instead of BELIEVING in fantasies and trying to play like you’re a victim…pathetic.

    2. @Steve Austin what about your fascism?? You can not pick one sides fault without looking at the other one.

    3. @Steve Austin You need to seek help from a mental health professional. That level of delusion and paranoia is unhealthy. Democrats voted for President Biden, republicans and former republicans (such as myself) voted for President Biden. Just because you wanted a lying, thieving adulterer to be your king, doesn’t make the people who were against having a reality tv moron keep screwing the country over communist. It makes us Americans who vote in elections. Your guy lost, wait four years and vote again. That is how it works.

  3. This committee will get to the truth.
    As they say, TRUTH hurts.
    And for the Trump Republicans, the TRUTH is going to hurt A LOT!

    1. @Paul Keating Republicans rejected a bipartisan commission. They exercised their freedom to make that choice. Since they refused to come to the table, they’ll undoubtedly be on the menu.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas only after Nancy Pepsi refused 2 of their picks. She acted in bad faith so they in return said no to her.

    1. For those who is saying it was Nancy role for the Capitol surety are as wrong as two left shoes that was Mitch responseabitily

    2. @Otis Goodwin no it was the head of the Capitol police responsible for under manning and under equipping the Capitol police.
      The Guard is under t and the Pentagon. T put people in place to keep the Guard away as long as possible.
      It’s on t ,the Pentagon and the head of Capitol police who has resigned. I hope he’s under investigation. He helped the insurection.

    3. @J. Wright hilarious coming from someone who obeyed his master when master tells him don’t believe what you see and hear because it’s not really happening. Lemming obeyed even after they knew master was the biggest liar to ever step in the oval office. Master just told you how he fed you disinformation. I just say it enough and they believe it. I really LMAO when lemming call me a follower. I’ve never tried to fit in anywhere. Never.

    1. @AL- BOT A bipartisan council that she wanted to hand pick both sides ,if you’re going to tell ,then tell all of it, nothing has changed she still picked them all of the partisan left agenda of trump haters, so do not insult yourself you can do better, even though you’re just a triggered leftist

    2. @Darrell Edison …and don’t forget twice not found guilty of the partisan impeached scam that the Democratic leftist radicalized lunatics of the Democratic party tried , he was found not guilty by his peters of justice . you’re a fool

    3. @AL- BOT They don’t need to , because he is an American private citizen numnuts, He didn’t lead the protesters into the capitol building, that was the capitol police acting on Nancy pelosis command, don’t give me that juvenile crap ,when say trolls that proves your intelligence

    4. @J. Wright she wasn’t going to hand pick both sides, moron. The Democrats gave the Republicans EVERYTHING that the Republicans negotiated for, but they still said NO.
      You need to pay more attention.

    5. @J. Wright watch the impeachments, troll. Trump’s insurrection proved the validity of both, and several Republican Senators admitted that the House Democrats proved their case against Trump. They protected him with BS technicalities.
      Everyone knew Al Capone was a criminal too, but they could only get him on his taxes. Trump never did want to show his taxes.

  4. My biggest question come from remember back in the summer when BLM was outside protesting and Trump was rushed to his bunker? Here is my question. Why was Trump so comfortable on Jan 6th 2021?

    1. @Steve That’s because BLM is the democrats equivalent of the Nazi SA, and the democrats are using these street thugs to terrorize Americans. In Nazi Germany the SA wasn’t listed as a terrorist organization either.

    2. @Roguect Garbeled I don’t consider a career criminal, and junkie thug to be a legitimate cause for a riot, and I don’t consider the election to have been free and fair, and half the country agrees with me.

    3. @eddie ivy Republicans know the truth because they helped plan it they just never took in to consideration that voter turnout would be bigger then it had been in a decade…

    4. @Steve They shorten the meaning of the ‘real words’, because it will make it easier for their racist, idiotic agenda to play out. What agenda is that, you ask? The same losing agenda that got the racist defeated years back. Losers continue to lose.

  5. Well what is stopping any GOP congress member to put up their hands to apply to be consider them to join the commission, if they are courageous to do so, to save democracy.

    1. @mike briganti How do you come up with foolish statements like this? Pelosi wants an investigation; it could not happen without her.

    2. @Gordon MacWilliam Because they are click bait designed to elicit a response – possibly a Ruble for every response directly to the account…

  6. What’s he talking about? Jordan whines about the same thing. That’s the point of the commission. Those questions WILL be asked and have been being asked.

  7. Call it what it is the trump failed insurrection. Start with trump he is the lead insurrectionist.

    1. Two important points John. It wasn’t an insurrection. If it had been , there wouldn’t have been many survivors. Trump told supporters to go peacefully to the capitol. When he saw the infiltration he told everyone to go home. Just because you hate Trump, you are not allowed to make up false claims like that. They tried to get Trump with false accusations during two impeachments. Nothing found. The democrats under traitor Obama spied on the Trump campaign from the start. That is about to be released. When you watch MSNBC , red flags should go up as propaganda BS. It will be interesting to see the spin on the left media when Biden’s numbers tank.

    2. @Todd Anonymous women person man camera tv. We hit it with bleach it cleans the lungs we bring ultraviolet light in through the skin.

  8. Republicans are flailing try to deflect from the purpose of the committee …such as , why were there so few officers , not equipped properly ? Why was the Capitol attacked at the behest of Trump ….is a more reasonable question …

    1. mike briganti they are a cult. Tell them Orangeman bad and they’ll parrot anything the media says.

    2. Not really, if you think for yourself and not just listen to the leftist media , you could see what happened from January 02 through January 06, The FBI and the DOJ met with house democrats and Mike pence to discuss the protest of the fraudlet election results.On that day of January 04 2021 Nancy pelosi was given the opportunity to get extra security if the capitol building, but she and the capitol police refused after the recommendation from the FBI, for they had informants in the Qanon and proud bois planed event. Speaker of the house seen opportunity to frame the president and his supporters.with their failed attempt looming , they refused the national guard troops trained to handle riots, so just sit down and watch the partisan investigation led by Trump haters from the left wing radicals of the failing democrats make fools of them selves in this chersde if failed justice, free the political prisnoners held by the leftist lunatics of the Democratic government

  9. Can we expect another schoolboy stunt from the RepubliKKKlans like during Trump’s first impeachment investigations? You know, when they all came marching down the staircase demanding to be let into the meeting … even though some of them WERE actually scheduled to be in that meeting. Rabble, rabble, rabble … can see it all now.

    1. This is going to be almost as riveting as watching the House manager’s presentation of evidence during Trump’s first impeachment hearing.

    2. They’ve lied all along. I can’t believe they will do anything differently. This time they will be under oath…however, they don’t believe in their oaths to the constitution so why will this be any different?

    3. blluedragonfly ; If their statements are contradictory to statements from other witnesses they may have serious problems.

  10. It didn’t help that Republican Congressmen we’re giving tours to the Insurrectionists and telling them where to attack.

  11. Could save a lot of time and tax payer money by just packing up the GOP and ship them off to Iran. Iran will try them for free, punish (choke cough) for free, and it will help to restore US/Iran relations. That’s a Win Win.

  12. We must be careful to not cave to Republican delusions in the name of bipartisanship. If the GOP would abandon their adherence to traitorous lies, we the American people could proceed with broader bipartisanship.

  13. Take your time.
    Get ALL the details.
    Expose everyone involved with the insurrection, complete Transparency all the way to the top.
    Then punish each of them.

  14. Don’t ever forget representative Clyde saying it was a normal tourist day. 3 dead DC cops and 150 wounded.

  15. Why was the capital so vulnerable to begin with when they already had warning that they were pre-warned…. Who’s in charge of the security ?

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