Jeffrey Epstein To Learn If Judge Will Grant Him Bail | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. yeah, and it’s nowhere near “the entire story” EVER when it comes to these serial sob’s – what is disclosed, exposed is almost always a small % of what’s really going on, that’s with wealthy and poor pedo’s

    2. @bella roja Yea, wait till 2020 or 2024 when Trump out office. Many people will have guts to speak out and we will get even more story. Trump LAST republican president ever!

    1. Bill Barr’s father hired Epstein to teach at Dalton School in 1973. Dan Barr left under mysterious circumstances,and a new headmaster was hired. Epstein ingratiated himself to the new headmaster’s son. Epstein left and the new headmaster was fired for inappropriate behavior with a student ( child sexual abuse ). To be continued…

    2. Oh, bonfire of the negotiations, blackmail, threats, leverage is ON behind the scenes … Comey’s daughter w/SDNY while Comey facing IG report ag him, Barr’s daddy HIRED Epstein, GAVE him his “foot in the door” to the wealthy to begin his serial molestation blackmail op all the way to Wall Street and beyond … The most high profile, prolific pedo network in US history.

  1. You know the scary thing about Trump is ,apart from the fact that he is in the White House,with his personal”Roy Cohen” and partied with Epstein,his supporters see this disgusting human as their “God”.the American evangelicals appear to think they can commit any heinous crime one day and the next day ,prostrate themselves before people like themselves,and give each other total forgiveness for anything and then continue to live their debauched lives on a daily basis.Very very creepy!

    1. What is equal parts sad and funny is that it is considered work place harassment by the fed government to tell a co-worker to “go back to where they came from”.

  2. If it’s a conservative judge…many more children have a lot more to fear. GOP..the Gathering of Pedophiles

    1. @Adam Crawford he’s a sexual predator of women he has power over…you’re %100 correct about Clinton.

    1. Of ALL of them, it’s that dirtbag calls girls wh — sob lying dead skin dirty old perv I pray the MOST is exposed

  3. I don’t care who they are they should go to prison and not federal that’s to good for them. Who knows Barr may of been involved or knows trump is

  4. NO BAIL! MONUMENTAL day for victims. Spacey’s successful shakedown escape (by using, remember, a brazen, smirking, menacing threat to Buckingham Palace, ie Prince Andrew in that creepy video he made) notwithstanding, R Kelly and Epstein sends a message, not ALL Americans are ok with pervs targeting minors!! Kids need HELP not pervs!

  5. Trump better get his bullshyt lies together cause his name is going to be alllll over those Epstein documents, and more videos are going to come out that will show more than Trump’s f’ked up dancing.

  6. (sigh….) Posting more Clinton “whataboutism?” Really? Like _both_ can’t be guilty? If _both_ Trump and Clinton are guilty of sexual offenses against minors, _BOTH_ should face justice. B-O-T-H. Patience. Over 2K pages of dox are about to be released on the “Pedophile Island Predators.” As Chris Hansen would say on “To Catch a Predator”: “Why don’t you *ALL* take a seat over here….”

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