Joe Biden ‘not concerned’ about leaks of classified Ukraine documents | USA TODAY

President Biden says the Justice Department is "getting close" with its investigation into the leaks of classified documents.

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The documents, which have appeared on social media, seem to show printouts of battlefield updates and assessments. Some are labeled top secret, and not to be shared with even allies.

The secrets exposed in the leak appear to include the shortage of critically needed artillery shells for Ukrainian forces ahead of an expected spring offensive, U.S. spy planes in the region and information revealing the extent of U.S. spying on its adversaries and allies.

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  1. joey isn’t concerned about all the classified documents that were leaked…

    He also said that, hypothetically, if someone had classified documents in a garage someplace… maybe next to his (or her) Vette… then that wouldn’t be a big deal either.

    Who trusts this guy’s judgment when it comes to classified information?

  2. Americans Biden has already sent our troops to Ukraine and is fighting Russia without telling us. American military do not go to war for Biden he is going to get us into a nuclear war with Russia.

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