JPS Need Stronger Oversight | PNP Activist Karen Cross Standing Firm – Sept 29 2020

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  1. I support stealing light because jamaica government is not doing anything to promote clean energy from wind,sun,etc

    1. Yea mon i support stealing light because there’s no hope at all in a corrupted country like this with a bunch a puppets in the government.

    2. @anonymous person it kinda is tho 🤣🤣🤣. The money cam be raised through something called TAX. This should be something that’s forefront of developing infrastructure.

    3. your duly elected representatives sold JPS. Let us not forget JPS was found stealing more than 2 billion dollars from consumers while under state ownership.

  2. I can’t understand why you have to pay late fee, and also if u pay early they take off money from the bills,suppose u don’t get paid an time ,I find it as a criminal act to the people,why they don’t get a top up card for electric power and water ,it’s the hardness of their HEARTS,making money,from poor people are let there be a competition some one come and do the same service to the people.

    1. @T this is false, also phone companies give free minutes. Do you think they are doing that because they want to be nice? List this price of insurance.

    2. is it really feasible to introduce competition? the JPS monopoly is really at the transmission and distribution stage. just wondering how it would work

    3. @Kris P jamaica has one of the poorest communications industry in the region. At the rate we going we might end up with a monopoly in mobile

  3. U know what hurt me ..they use to send round man to cut off light now they put in smart meters now them still charging u 1800 or more to put on the light when they cut it off by the office.. its them have switch to turn it off or on and them still charging u more money than when them using man power

  4. That’s the solemn responsibility of the Members of Parliament to provide legislation that will secure the people’s best interest. Failure to do that he or she should demit office

  5. Jps is a monopoly …. Instead a blow horn wen a election why uno don’t ask uno leaders why in 2021 jps is a monopoly???? Joke ting

  6. JPS needs competition. When we migrate JPS went to the house and looking around & the dog 🐕 gave him a run for his money. The neighbor called out to him asking him what’s the problem , he replied that there’s a decrease in the reading (bill) the neighbor then told him that the family migrated & only one person is living there now , he then write some notes in his note book & drove away. He was getting ready to assume but thank goodness 😅 the neighbor was home. JA really need another electric company. MT & JMO


  8. But this is not news, or at least not new news. Every couple of years this issue about JPS and the need for stronger oversight and or regulation resurfaces then dies a natural death.

  9. I was under the impression that the current law governing oversight of JPS was put in place by the opposition party when in Govt.

  10. At the first time I ever heard a representative really speak and the peoples be off this should happen long time ago every member of Parliament should file a lawsuit against the JPS

  11. All the owner or owners need to do in accommodating these folks is to lease them parcel for an affordable rate .

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