Kamala Harris has been preparing for this moment her whole life

Those who know Kamala Harris say she was born ready to fight, and she's got a long history in the justice system to back that up. The question is whether voters believe she is ready to take on President Donald Trump.


  1. She’s a criss crosser on policy says one thing one day then shifts on it a week later….

  2. Yeah I think you all need to check her story out just a little bit better.
    Schools were fully integrated by the time she went to school.

    1. @FabledSomething if you think all prosecutors and judges are honest law abiding servants you are delusional

    2. @Mark Korste I voted for him in 2016 and even prouder and enthusiastic to vote Trump in 2020, the DEMONrats running against him all have one thing in common with the previous POTUS, Make America A Shithole Country

    3. @Jeffrey Binder Given the context of this discussion which clearly has gone off the rails. It’s time you present some evidence that Harris is indeed corrupt.

  3. Listened to first five seconds, heard virtue signalling overload with sprinkling of self righteousness and I puked

  4. Why not do a video like this for bernie???? Wow 13min clip just for kamala!?Guess they want kamala vs Trump

    1. @Joseph Contreras It really is the Star Wars fans who think like him; Trekkies are good folks though. My great uncle Gene was ahead of everyone.

    2. I thought i might’ve missed the bernie video but it appears CNN gave up on Biden and wants to push Harris and Warren. 😂😂

    3. @Real Information Center Bernie is about the same age as Trump, dingbat. They’re like 2 years apart.

  5. Yes we know kamala.You fought very hard to lock up black men in S.F for minor issues such as marijana possession.

    1. @Rafaela Mora : Wrong. If you think Sen. Harris is a “Cameltoe” Then man up and Kiss it? Real men love Feminine odor. Trump idiot..

    2. Sylvia, I’m not the one that’s running for president you idiot!! AND no I don’t believe kamala would be a good President, she doesn’t tell the truth she lies just for votes.

  6. unlikeable and has no practical ideas. raising teacher salaries? nice try, but that’s a state issue. reparations….do you pay extra taxes if your ancestors kept slaves, like sen harris?

    1. seul man: Wrong. If Sen. Harris has no ideas, then how did Sen. Harris Destroy Barr and Biden. Barr could not remember what “Suggest” means. Do you know what suggest means?


  8. The San Francisco elites, silicon elites, the media elites and the Hollywood elites, want her, ask Hillary how that went ?!!

  9. What about her record on persecuting poor parents for not being able to send their kids to school?

    1. Kamala Harris said: “I’m not doing anything that only benefits black people ,No”
      And she meant ::
      Half of this funding will be dedicated to high-quality programs(STEM) at HBCUs and half for other Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs). Nearly 40 percent of all Black teachers and 50 percent of all Hispanic teachers graduate from MSIs.

    2. Kamala Harris family were violent WHITE Irish slave owners in Jamaica with militia and they owned 4 plantations and over 900+slaves recorded in Jamaican history!

  10. Hell will freeze over before I would support this nasty wrinkled thing Kamala for President.

    1. I’m not supporting her either but if I hope you also did not vote for Trump because if you did then you like with nasty and wrinkled things just as long as it fits your profile.

    2. @valerie jones No I voted for Clinton the one and only time I will vote for a woman for President Trump is a disgusting thing I feel sorry for Melania.

    3. @Stephany Kizer Cry me a river. lol. Being referred to as a racist by a typical liberal idiot is a compliment,

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