Karina Gould ‘hopeful’ a deal will be met between PSAC, government | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

Social Development Minister Karina Gould discusses the passport application delays being seen as 155,000 PSAC workers are on strike.

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  1. That’s not her focus, it’s her freaking talking point. Politicians never answer a question clearly. Never.

  2. Lol the young lady at the beginning, I will give her the benefit that she is young. But she doesn’t know that all the rights she has that’s been earned by unions! 🙄

    1. Also the fact that the striking employees are not being paid while they strike. She is implying they are not coming to work and being paid by the government.

    2. “I would like to stay home and make more money” So… Umm that’s a thing you can have if you’re in a union and strike.

  3. Eassssy. Hear public service employees and meet their demand. We are not being paid by striking and we will suffer too, just because the Government does not understand our needs

  4. I do not support the outrageous demands of the PSAC. 13% raise and enshrining work from home in their contract. Entitlement gone out of control.

    1. Implement Right – to – Work in the public sector. Remote work will weaken union brotherhood and sisterhood and decentralized the union.

    2. the right to work from home has, and will be decided by operational needs and Ununionized management. we are fighting to keep it that way. not transition to totally from home.

    3. Exactly…absolutely ridiculous demands that makes them look like a bunch of spoiled brats. Perhaps a few years working in the private sector would make them realize just how cushy they actually have it. Whaaa waaaa how dare you make me put on clothes and go into the office twice a week waaaa!!!

    4. The union has moved down from their prior pay increase position, but why wouldn’t they go to the bargaining table looking for pay increases that pace with cost-of-living? Sure, employers haven’t agreed to that sort of thing in decades…but is it an “outrageous” ask? If you were in the union’s bargaining team, where would you start?

    1. From what I understand, union workers apply for an accept union jobs with union pay and union benefit won by the previous generation of union workers’ bargaining, including painful strike action. I’m also pretty sure they are allowed to quit and find non-union jobs.

  5. If you don’t support the strikers you are part of the problem. How has Justin Even able to expand the public service 30% and not be able to give everybody a 4.5% raise?

  6. I think all the public employees should start grassroots campaigns in explaining how did they work during CoVid-19 without contract. In general, would you work for a place without contact for 2 year? ❤ I know you do because you volunteer and you don’t need money 😘😘😘

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