Keilar: CPAC like a Fox News TV family reunion

CNN's Brianna Keilar calls out the hypocrisy of Fox News host Pete Hegseth's speech at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference that she says looked a lot like a Fox News TV family reunion.
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  1. “For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.” Romans 16:18

    1. sure.. so .. how’s your success been droppin Quotes of Jesus here ? Cuz.. if you notice .. if they say the same thing about our left … it is also true to them . Seek. Learn. And love God .

    2. That’s very good and all but the problem is that Trump does not use good words and fair speeches and yet still deceives the heart of the simple.

    3. @Peege Clarke the moment you pander to one side,and try to make it seem holier-than-thou than the other side, you’ve already lost…op lost…
      I agree with you. these people don’t know theyre sheep being controlled, and that goes for both sides, this all a circus act, theres a puppeteers at the top pushing this left vs right bs, i liked fox news for a little bit before quickly realizing they do the same garbage as CNN

  2. Did he actually say their talking about the bible and they have on display a golden idol of tRump. REALLY?

    1. Yeah! Jesus is on his lips but trump is in his heart. This is the modern day “white evangelical trumpanzee Christianity.”

    2. @leaping kitties once again spreading lies and 15 other morons that came home working a 9-5 and are too tired/busy with their kids to do their own research like your comment. Trump held it rightside up.

    3. see it was modelling the latest gear clowns are now wearing.
      Change of make up to going with the plain orange look.

  3. Ignorance need to gather somewhere. Hard to believe there are “still” people who are like that in the 21st Century.

    1. Mental illness is strong in this country and to solve the problems
      We need to spend more money in education

    2. @Jacqui H. it’s hard for you to understand what ppl? Do you even have a higher education? Cuz it’s hard for me to believe ppl that hate trump or conservatives can understand a fkn thing that makes sense lol don’t speak of truth when you believe the lies that you vomit on every one around you and on the internet…along with propagandist storytellers like CNN..

  4. You can’t claim you’re a Christian and then have a literal golden shrine to a false God. Just sayin’

    1. @T&A Lake did you forget paul murdered dozens, and got another chance, people thought trump was sent by God because he was the first candidate that won that WASNT part of the political swamp we have and we thought he would be the one to expose them but we were wrong. But you leftist losers always have a web to spin, yes we are crazy cultists that want trump to be the new Hitler. Never reproduce.

    2. @M Jazz What consequences? No one can say what happens after we die. You think a bunch of guys in robes know better then doctors or anyone else? Answer me this, if God created everything, then who created God in the first place? That’s an easy answer, man created God to keep other men in line and if they didn’t do as “God” told them then they would suffer for eternity after they died. Religion is all about the elite, the priests in this case, controlling all those below them. Something conservatives hate as far as I know.

    3. @Quick no i am not triggered at all. I just use your logic and turned it against you to see how much sense it will make for you. Obvioulsy never in a million years would you say that because we have a statue of george washington it means that we are worshiping him.

    4. @Quick

      graven image
      Retrieved from
      A graven image is an idol—an object or image, such as a statue, that is worshiped as the representation of a deity or god. The word graven means “carved” or “sculpted.” Graven image refers to some kind of object or image that has been made to represent a god. … In this way, graven images are sometimes called false idols.

      So based on this defination show me any DJT supporter that said that we created this statue to worship DJT. If you create a statue just for appreciation that there is nothing wrong with that. You should not create the statue to worship it

    1. They don’t give a damn! That’s the problem. These are fake, disgusting,— fools. They don’t have a clue about hard work…know a man that picked an acre of corn by hand,no machine, for his family.most of us don’t know that kind of work.

    2. @Judy SoCal words. Action. Say, helping those suffering in TX. Sickening.These repub fools cannot fool the Lord(truth). tr— is beyond narcissist horrible.

  5. The first thing that needs to happen is for these nuts to come to terms with Trump no longer being president. That includes Trump.

    1. Totally. Unfortunately, the reality is that many of those 70 million now believe that T is still president, just in exile. Remember Hitler when he lost? 10 years later he came back and then destroyed the world. Need to isolate and contain, eventually eradicate this cancer from society.

    2. To these ppl this ‘stolen’ election will be a permanent black mark on American history and there never gonna think otherwise

    3. @Jacqui H. it goes both ways, y’all couldn’t handle the fact trump won, created a witch hunt, failed epically w russia, trump had yall scared in white suits to try and send whatever message, he was winning, then covid hit, trumps gone and, like 80% of leftists think the biggest problem right now is trump supporters, seems like one side sure cant handle someone being, and not being president anymore either, and then their sheep flock into the comments to spew this bullsh*t, accusing the other side of what theyre so guilty of

    4. @Scott Teabergs that’s never gonna happen. Realistically this is america and if trump got anywhere close to a hitler duplicate there would be a massive uprising, especially when we’ve already learned from past genocides. Likening trump to hitler doesn’t help anyone, it just smears him and his supporters because realistically, all they can do is vote in 2024

  6. From Canada : what is going wrong with half of America? And why lying is not a sin for these « believers ´ »

  7. Hegseth is a “Born again American”? I’ve been a real American since I was born! What was he prior to Trump and his treasonous insurrection?

    1. He wasn’t flying his crack addicted kid around in Air Force 1 to pick up hi bag money from china, ukraine and russia

  8. Will they ever come down off that cloud. Biden won the election, and Trump can’t seem to get by
    the thought that he was ousted. No more protection , no more benefits.

    1. I’d be checking into the ACTUAL votes in Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida for instance, because It seems a bit outlandish that McConnell, DeSantos, Graham legally won

  9. How about the FIRST COMMANDMENT?
    “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”
    Their “golden idol” and worship of the troll-tool is breaking it.
    And they are clueless.

    1. I’ve never heard such disgusting comments made by such a group of mentally ill people in my entire life.

  10. Did he just say that coffee shop waitresses are talking to their customers about religion and Constitutional Amendments…
    Okay Karen 🙄

  11. I guess that the mob of “fine people” that attacked the Capitol went there to pray. HYPOCRITES

    1. @frank hinstine Nobody is worshiping bernie. They are for the idea that everyone has a basic right to health care and a decent wage. Trump wants you to just listen to him. Everything he says starts with best ever.. worst ever.. or greatest ever… Or fake news. You can’t compare this clown to bernie.

    2. @Terrance Coleman I respect Bernie but I could never praise him like a rock star. My principles would not allow me.

    3. Stop likening trump supporters to cultist trump worshippers, when they just support him like you do your candidate 😞

    4. @The Spoon Nobody is praising bernie… Where are you getting this from??? We are looking at the ideas. You are trying to make it about the man! Why????

    5. @Ry Wintergreen I think people are wondering why he still has supporters after all he has said and done in this country. I guess that’s where people think they are in a cult right now.

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