Kevin McCarthy Flirts With Felony By Threatening Telecom Companies On Jan. 6 Committee Request

Rep. Zoe Lofgren talks with Rachel Maddow about progress by the House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack on the Capitol in processing requested material for their investigation, and wonders at what Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is thinking as he interferes in the investigation, which is against the law. 
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    1. @jp heeney there is always one jag awf that appoints himself the “spelling police” that’s on you, give the rest of us a year or so to figure it out for ourselves

    2. @jinglejuggs69 you are so triggered,what a snowflake lol
      If you are going to accuse others of being dumb then probably best to get the spelling correct,in the context its funny,YOU are the one who clearly has a lil temper tantrum over this,stop acting like a spoilt angry toddler lol

    1. @lightweight0829 you don’t represent all women 🤡 women made these Texas laws and more women will enforce them 🇺🇸

  1. Charge him with “Obstruction of Justice”. Don’t play soft. Game theory dictates you must react to aggression.

    1. @LeCharles07 Tell that to Biden and his weak centrist AG Garland. They won’t do it. You are talking fantasy world here man. Biden should have appointed someone with balls.

  2. As a former prosecutor, McCarthy should have known better..I bet he’s running scared knowing he’s in deep doo doo …

    1. Why do you still believe Maddow, she has regularly lied to you for the last 6 years. She just released a story about Ivermectin that was a complete lie and she knew it. Why do you keep believing someone who keeps lying to you, so stupid.

    2. McCarthy is not smart enough to know to run, he’s going to try to spin his statement as some attempt to protect the 1st amendment and then say he was misunderstood by the Libs. It’s far to late for any of the GQP to jump ship because the ship is resting at the bottom of the ocean. The scary thing is that the GQP knows it has noting left to lose so they are going to go all out for the next attempt to pull off an insurrection on September 18th? 2021 The new “protest” that the GQP are pushing is supposed to prove to the Country that it was not tRump supporters that attacked the Capitol on January 6th 2021 and that everything that we saw and heard that day was not real! Complete Idiots!

  3. McCarthy hitched his wagon to the trump reinstatement wagon and a pardon once trump returned to power. Now he is gonna be another trump casualty.

    1. @DJ9194cr lmfao. No one cN blackmail someone who has done nothing wrong.

      You’re illistrating how the GQP can get away with lying so much, their followers are not very bright.

    2. You think he would have figured it out by now that sooner or later all loyal minions get thrown under the bus.

  4. McCarthy green and th 11 g.o.p senators that send those letter should be held responsible for intimidating a witness and getting in way. Of investigation

    1. “You guys took off your white hoods to make it? I’m touched”
      My dying grandmother 2 years ago to my Trump loving aunt and uncle.

    2. @A B their democratic cities** and fascists? Dude where does the word fascist come from? Take a guess which president tweeted quotes from that guy, and when confronted about it doubled down? Take a guess which president admits, on camera to sleeping with a book of Hitlers speeches on his night stand?

  5. Wow, Threatens to OBSTRUCT the Congress, with their investigation into OBSTRUCTING Congress? Do these people even hear themselves?

    1. Honestly I think everyone on both sides throughout the country is sick of all the back and forth with no actual consequences or resolution. There’s no actual point of any of these perpetual investigations. Eventually there’s going to be a breaking point and civilian mobs will just handle everything.

    2. @BigBadJerry Rogers so we let criminal behavior stand? No, I think Congresw needs to investigate whether their own members are complicit in trying to overthrow democracy.

      How many Benghazi investigations were there? Were you calling for those to end?

  6. If AG Garland does not prosecute these folks we can kiss America goodbye that’s the bottom line. They are taunting and daring our DOJ to hold them accountable. Disgraceful as a prior lifelong R of over 30 years.

    1. I am lifelong to , Reagan was the apex when we had a majority vote in 1988 . Since then we have been shrinking . So we won with electoral votes . Not any more we lost Virginia and Dixie is dead . Atlanta grew 3 million democrats in 40 years , Phoenix is 48% of Arizona and is democrat and Texas’ big Cities will eventually turn it Blue too . We are a doomed party and they know it so let them try to break the law it will not save them in DC

    2. @Glenn Farris yeah it won a prize as a cure for scabies. It’s an anti parasitic not an anti-viral, genius.

      But go ahead and take it, the poison control folks need more morons to talk to.

  7. Okay so if it’s a felony, why aren’t you speaking to DOJ and pursuing indictment? Period, end of interview. Step up, Democrats!

    1. in principle there is division of powers, so DOJ should not fear and just act!!!
      Members of congress are just citizens, if they have to defend themselves, they will do it in court.

    2. @A B Plenty of people have been arrested and indicted during those riots, contrary to the only 60+ arrest at 6/1. So what are you talking about?

    3. @Jan Radtke While about 500 people got arrested relative to Jan 6th, most of those are small fries that likely won’t get charged with more than trespassing or other relatively minor stuff. The people who need to get arrested are the people who incited the Big Lie insurrection like Agent Cheetos and Brooks. Until the Big Lie generals go down, the Big Lie insanity will continue.

  8. Do the job properly this time Democrats and enforce subpoenas against members of the GQP crime syndicate who ignore them.

    1. @Cat Lady Politics The Clintons are a crime syndicate that have ordered the killings of many people…why not clean up your house.

    2. @John DiGiacomo All we people want is serious investigations, and prosecutions if warranted. No (sane) criminal would expect otherwise.

    1. I don’t know about the rest of you but I voted for Biden for a reason. I knew he would close up the southern border, stop inflation and get us safely out of Afghanistan. Okay…he may have failed with those three things but at least he doesn’t send mean tweets so I like him

    1. What happens to felons? Biden needs to know. But, he is just asking for someone else. Not himself, or his son, or his brother, or anyone like that.Just somebody he knows. That’s it, just asking for a friend. You know, the thing. Come on, man.

    2. Imagine being in a cult like the Trump cult. At any time they could be ordered to drink deadly Kool Aid and would do so.

    1. Screw Lock Up…it’s just more money down the drain, ala Lardass45.
      My hope is the world getting to watch as Seditionists and Insurrectionists are EXECUTED on live television.
      It would definitely get the Ignorant to sit down and shut up.

    2. @Big Smoke Guitar And if it’s PPV we could get ourselves out of the debt that the Terrorist Organization known as the REPUBLICAN PARTY put us in !!

    3. Start with Biden, he’s violating the Constitution, he’s emulating Hitler, he’s the medical tyrant. If you can’t figure that out then sit down, shut up, and try to pay attention to something for more than 10 seconds.

    1. He just doesn’t want to testify about the phone call he made to Trump, because Trump will then consider him a “rat” & treat him accordingly. Trump’s mob had him panicked that day. He knows if he crosses Trump, the base won’t vote for him & his name will go on the list of people they want to “hang” for “treason”. That phone call is proof that Trump was told exactly what was happening, was asked for help & refused to act. Even if it can’t be proven that Trump incited the attack, these phone calls prove that he purposely enabled it, once it was happening.

    2. they know they cannot win in most seats, if they do not have the support of the base, so they have to pander to them. i have no other explaination, when they told everyone what trump was when he ran for the nomination in 2016

  9. So if McCarthy has committed a felony, who’s responsibility is it to have that investigated and make an arrest?

    1. The correct jurisdiction is probably the US Attorney’s office for DC. But for political VIP’s that would require authorization from Garland’s DOJ, which sadly is not happening.

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