King asks Georgia official how he’s certain Senate race will head to runoff

Gabriel Sterling, the chief operating officer for Georgia's Secretary of State Office, tells CNN's Erin Burnett and John King why he says there will be a runoff in Georgia's Senate race. #CNN #News


    1. Yay! I’m just so happy that it was won by a WEF candidate! We need globalist to control our democracy! Much love 🌈

  1. I live in Jacksonville FL. election-closed truck pulls up with two cops behind it . They come out with the ballots truck take off cops behind it. Thats how its done in florida the no cheat state living free

    1. Trump would have called that a major dump for DeSantis. The cops were paid off by Ron etc. You know ……. lunacy.

  2. After this, the “Red Wave” is just a “Red Drip” on the floor of Mar-a-Lago after Donnie has a ketchup tantrum.

    1. @ilhamrj I want DeSantis, but he hasn’t said he’ll run. Trump says he has news next week. I hope Trump just bows out. If Trump wins then we will lose the presidency.

    2. @ilhamrj P.S. Voting Walker again in December. Neither are that popular. A lot of people didn’t even vote in the race. But I can’t stand Warnock. To divisive and extreme.

    3. @kay armstrong So you will vote again for Walker who doesn’t look after his many children, held a gun to a former wife’s head, paid for mutiple abortions and is essentially retarted. Sounds sensible, good God.

    4. @kay armstrong “I Yam Work Four Mannie Pro-Lease Compartamints”
      -Hershey Squirt Walker. Along with DumbDonalds “best words”….I read that Walker & Tr**p come from the Same Toastmasters Group. 🤣🤣🤮

    1. Little more than a pink trickle….maybe a red trickle. But Colbert is simply stupid. He may even lose his show.

  3. And folks from here on in this is one is going to get crazy can’t wait for the results stay tuned for the next episode of “election ball Z”🤔

  4. I love how Gabe casually says “.. I told Raffensperger that we’re going to have a runoff that decides control of congress because, we’re Georgia, that’s what we do here.”

  5. How friggin illiterate is Georgia to need 2 times to take a pass on Hershel?
    Jesus crippling Christ you are supposed to pick the most honest trustworthy representative possible….how is it that you are having a hard time?

    1. I’m voting Walker AGAIN because he’s better than that divisive and racist Warnock. I’m not stupid. I’m a Major in the Army. Surgical nurse. P.S. Most passed on voting for either. Warnock is a socialist and very extreme.

    2. might wanna look at the exit polling and see why you are wrong. 49 percent of ga voters have higher learning.. what did the exit poll say about your state.. and we have the oldest education institution in the united states.. we are home to Georgia Tech and the CDC and Emory and MCG.. you dont know what the f*** you are talking about.

  6. A CNN favorite: ln a leaked video Mark Suckerberg addresses Meta employees after mass layoff about how Facebook sucks along with Meta. $27.7 billion in the third quarter while its profit plummeted 52% to $4.4 billion. 🤣

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