Latest on weather conditions in Alberta as wildfires continue to burn

Josee St. Onge, an Alberta information officer, provides an update on wildfire conditions in the province.

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  1. Just call the Hungarians and ask for the use of the big wind the fire would be put out in hours not weeks.

  2. It’s telling how all those Alberta separatists suddenly get quiet when a disaster like this strikes their province, and Ottawa sends in the troops to help the wannabe separatists.

    1. Well, Alberta would have the funds and infrastructure to fight these fires ourselves if we didn’t have to give all of our money to Ontario and Quebec, sssoooo…….

    2. ​@Mike Tographer So, you mean if Alberta’s didn’t have to pay taxes like everyone else? Or because the taxes paid aren’t sent back because they follow the very method offered by Alberta in exchange for more provincial control over resources that belong to the Crown?

    3. @Hyperpandas Alberta paid 2.9 BILLION in equalization payments to other provinces in 2021 alone. Since equalization’s inception, Alberta has payed $67 Billion to other provinces with barely anything in return. So, yeah, that’ll buy a lot of personnel and equipment to fight fires.

  3. Nothin like chokin on smoke for half the year. Might as well cut all the trees down. Too late to save the world.🥱

  4. Haha send in your drones… funny how all this money is dumped into war. But we cant put out fires. And we send humans into it 😂 2023 truly sad

  5. Why are you not reporting the arson charges for numerous fires accross alberta. Our province is literally burning away from vandals who don’t give a crap. Why are the new channels not reporting on this!? Get it together

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