Latino Americans react to President Trump

We speak to Latinos in America and find out how they are reacting to the election of Donald Trump.

The President elect has promised to build a wall along the border with Mexico and used rhetoric that many have described as racist, but exit polls show that almost a third of Latino Americans voted for Donald Trump.

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  1. Mexico is the biggest trading partner cause all the Jobs went there from
    the US while at the same time they send the Products Build there back to
    the US.

    also the underlying message of concern is such a Joke.

    and the most important Thing – those Mexican illegals spit in the face of
    every legal Immigrant and those that apply but cant get entry

    they are not of any good character.

  2. I think Trump is a good leader and hope he’s going to kill all the
    terrorists or daesh all over the world..(instead of funding it).

  3. *More propaganda from the Clinton funded Sky News. How does a wall make any
    difference whatsoever to a person with a passport that crossed at a legal

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