1. Maybe work on fixing the mental health so we can no longer have these tragedies. Banning guns will only create more violence, possibly even extreme amounts we haven’t seen here in almost a century.

    1. Senator Warnock is the best example of what a caring person is like. Thanks Senator.


    1. And those of us who celebrate other Dieties honer you and your words to Reverend Warnock. Bless you and all who back you up.

  2. I pray 🙏🏾 that his message doesn’t go over any heads. I pray 🙏🏾 that it pierces and softens hearts. Take action today people.

  3. So proud to have voted for him three times. Twice in special elections and once in a general election.

    1. ​@Summer Salt Settle down guy. Take it easy fella. It’s obvious you are a confused young man.

    2. Those of us not residing in Georgia owe voters there a profound thanks for Warnock and Ossoff victories and for Walker’s defeat. Well done John!

    3. @Lumber Jack You probably don’t see the irony in your usage of “fool” two times, but the rest of us do.

  4. Senator Warnock sounds like he is preaching! And his message is one that we ALL need to hear!

    1. ​@babadook how is he a hypocrite even God give you a choice. To take away a person choice and then say you stand for freedom is being a hypocrite…

  5. That’s right, just thought and prayers are killing the children, we must pray with our work to stop those who are putting the gun industry before the children, there are so many ways to make things better, we can do this! Thanks Senator Warnock!

  6. Start having judges and prosecutors, hold people accountable for their actions, plain and simple

  7. How he can stand there and talk calmly to the other lawmakers when he must be so desperately worried about his children. When my grandson’s school went on lock-down, in another state, it was terrifying to me, his grandmother! My son could not verbalize how terrified he was about his seven-year-old being on lockdown. This didn’t happen when I was in school in the 60s and 70s and my children were safe from gun violence in school in the late 80s, the 90s and early 2000s. We lived in a small town in the Midwest, there was no such thing. People in the country don’t lock their houses, my son’s house has one deadbolt. We commonly leave our purses and wallets and keys in our vehicles. I wish it could be the same for everyone

  8. I was at school today and a few minutes before school ended, someone in my class told me that he couldn’t go home because he just got a warning about this shooting near his house. That’s not okay. The country that prides itself on its wealth, resources, and “superiority” cannot allow this to happen. The fact that my friend is considered lucky is terrifying. He’s lucky because he wasn’t there to get shot and injured/killed like the poor victims? That’s the bare minimum. The victims have gone through hell, their loved ones have gone through hell. This country should not have hell within its borders. This is the United States of America, what a fucking joke.

  9. He is one of the best orators in the Senate today. Thank Georgians for electing him to the Senate seat rather than making a mockery of the seat by putting yet another ignorant MTG or Lauren Bobart in by electing Herschel Walker.

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