Lawmaker stops mid-way through speech: I’m not going to read this

Ranking House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) stops halfway through his opening statement to criticize the House's repeated hearings over family separations at the border, arguing legislation should be passed instead. #CNN #News


  1. If this guy takes corporate money then you know who he’s gonna act and speak for…. Hint, it ain’t YOU, the average American Citizen.

  2. What happened actually? Was that the right thing to do? If he is tired i can help him boost his energy. Details on my channel…🌹

  3. Yeah Trump. What you gonna do. You took away money from El Salvador and other countries down there….and now you are surprised that they are all headed here.
    It’s Your Fault.
    Work with the Democrats and Republicans and Fix It.

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