Liz Cheney ousted, vows to stop Trump from going back to Oval office

The GOP lawmaker had strong words after she was removed from her post. Washington Post reporter Natalie Jennings on the state of the Republican party.

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    1. @Barcelona ChairIn a democracy politicians get replaced if they don’t represent their constituents, just fyi.

    1. @Charles Darwinson i dont know if OJ is guilty or not, I have not seen the case. How does that even relate? You’re saying all these things but you are not showing specific examples. I’ll ask about one of them, ballot harvesting. Where did that happen?

    2. @palopatrol Its like asking for proof that a slave was ever bought or sold in the states and then calling the receipts not enough proof.

    3. @palopatrol If you do not know anything about the most sensational case of the 20th century, then why I am I wasting my breath, or more accurately, my fingertips? I gave you specific examples, and you do not do your due diligence in looking for the facts. Have a nice utopia. Count me out.

    4. @Charles Darwinson All the voter fraud that has been found in both elections have been by the conservatives. Trump lost the election despite the blatant cheating he attempted and now State republicans are trying to strengthen the voter suppression and gerrymandering to further cheat with.

    5. @John Wang well it’s technically not voter fraud since they were in the confides of the law, but that’s the real issue here, how gerrymandering and voter suppression are somehow legal.

  1. Take a look at what’s happened to everyone that’s dared to challenge Trump. Notice a pattern?

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