Mama Africa Arise & Unite – Mission Takes Flight

July 25, 2018. Portland, Jamaica, W.I. Di’ Atlantic Entertainment Center on July 15, 2018 in Manchioneal, Portland was ablaze with powerful energies, an actual wood fire, a symbol, on the stage throughout the official launch of Mama Africa Arise & Unite. Surrounded by the sea’s serene presence, the mission took flight, amidst a spirited, informative and successful staging, the words, “Unity is Strength and One Perfect Love! were extolled.

The gathering exuded a feeling of love and oneness as the theme alludes.  The event was hosted by the vibrant, refreshing energies of Ellisa Issachar, Founder and Mojiba Ase, General Manager, who both expressed gratitude and contentment for the manifestation of Mama Africa Arise & Unite.

Presentations were delivered by the following distinguished guest speakers: Mrs. Valerie Dixon (Lady President-UNIA), Maurice Lee (Maroon- Moore Town), Jackie Roots (Ethiopian Orthodox House), Colonel Marcia Douglas (Maroon), Gloria Simms (Mama G – Gaamand Chieftainess, Maroon- Charles Town),
Hon. Prophet  Bobo Jason Thompson (Pan African Federalist Movement -PAFM) Mr. X- O.U.R.S (Ours United Resource Services) and Garth Barnett (Marcus Garvey People’s Political Party)

Mama Africa Arise & Unite workshop series continues August 26, 2018 at the
Di’ Atlantic Entertainment Center in Manchioneal, Portland with the next staging entitled “Who Am I?  Rides and book give-aways will be provided for the youths. Live performances, open mic and booth rental are available at an affordable rate.

The management team will implement the plan of action within the indigenous communities in accordance with the aims and objectives:
To empower and educate dis-advantaged communities with a special focus on youth and women. To experience African cultural expressions, performing arts, through various Indigenous groups and artistès and facilitate a Community and School Building Development Project for all schools in the parish of St. Thomas and Portland.

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