Man Dead, Mother in Custody | Internet Cable Stolen | TVJ Midday News – Sept 7 2021

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  1. There was a time when it was all about the crime rate. These days it’s all about the covid rate. Crime and poverty are still the real pandemics in this country. People are jobless, homeless and hungry during lockdowns. Why don’t we put the same effort into solving crime and poverty that we’re putting into marketing the vax. God is going to judge this evil going on in Jamaica.

    1. @Karl Balance wow by that logic I guess cancer doesn’t kill people they just die with. Think Karl think. It affects the respiratory system which makes it hard to breathe of course it kills

    2. 100% truth. Think the agenda in JA is being driven by the New World Order. The members of this global elite are not interested in the well being of Jamaicans. Our government has caved in to the UN, WHO, Bill Gates , WEF etc. Hope I’m wrong.

    3. Tell the young youth dem fi go plant,sitting down everyday a talk bout money yoh think money is food? Without food money is useless,look wha a goh happened very shortly

  2. God donot force no one to come to him so donot force anyone who donot want to take it . Who want to take it who donot want to that is their business.

    1. They use to but they are not telling us anymore but we can do the calculations. Total Cases minus Active Cases minus deaths.

    1. I guess because all those who are travellinging have to test negative for covid-19, to go or come, wether you’re vacinated or not..

    2. This economy is based on importation and tourism is the only game in town.
      Whenever we can produce our means only then we can keep tourism close

  3. Nurses and doctors are smart educated people, them not taking the vaccine has nothing to do with education it’s all about personal rights, only because some people just wants to rebel, everybody no t going to jump when the government say jump, some will be hesitant and of course if a close family member die then they might think twice🇯🇲

    1. @JoniLee Givens yes I know Johncrow.
      U know ,Graphene oxide and Spike protein toxic and Human Fetus? 🔥🔥🔥

    1. LOL … cause dem a no sheep…..
      Dem mad but dem know betta dan trust the gobbernment

      When is Anju Holyness and the Minister of Health and dem whole family gonna tek the JAB from a BATCH of vaccine made for the common people ?
      Not a jab from a “special batch”

  4. People before the vaccine we never have so much cases and now them giving out the vaccine the case them gone up everyday so why giving the vaccine it don’t make any sense and people still dieing God help us

    1. That could be the sinister way they are spreading it I Jamaica and around the world……. USA have over 70 percent vaccine but they keep claiming more people getting infected

  5. What I would like to know if is lock down so how come every day covid-19 up I just don’t understand what is going on

  6. This is something that should never be mandated it should be a personal choice There are people not cattle or goats

    1. Is do not sacrifice your children’s health for something that 99% of them recover from with no side effects this does not justify poisoning them

  7. Andrew focus more on the people who disrespect him on social media and turn a blind eye on crime and used COVID-19 as a excuse because he knows that he failed the people of Jamaica but don’t worry yourself Andrew we see where you and the police powers are only to go for the law abiding citizen who dis you on social media and not the criminal who carry the guns that just go to show how weak you are


  9. The government needs to ensure that the internet companies fix the problem. The cables are insured I am sure so the companies needs to fix the lines and ensure it cannot be tampered with. Its 2021 this is inacceptable.

  10. I don’t think that they should force anyone to take vaccines but if you’re offered the vaccines and you refused it then if they’re sick let them take care of themselves don’t go to the hospital and take up the space for others

    1. Mrs Maurice from the penguin you do realize some of the nurses are not vax so that means they shouldn’t be working to help the Healthcare system that is under staff to help with the plandemic.dont be selfish here hold some medz and I don’t mean medication

  11. The pm make big talks when people in his county can’t even buy food to eat . Working people can’t even pay their own bills because boss pay them whatever him want

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