Maryland Set To Require Some State Employees Get Vaccinated

Maryland this week announced new vaccine protocols for state employees, and GOP Gov. Larry Hogan joins Morning Joe to discuss coronavirus rates in the state as well as infrastructure.

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Maryland Set To Require Some State Employees Get Vaccinated


  1. This is the gentleman who wouldn’t take no from trumps administration …. In March of 2020 On N95 masks instead of waiting, he for his state ordered 3 million himself from Asia with the help of his wife’s family. He had them delivered for all his Frontline workers at the beginning of all this Covid.

  2. Delta then alpha then lambda. Tuberculosis is more contagious and I don’t hear anyone requiring a mask or a shot

  3. This Wisconsin Democrat is a big fan of Gov. Larry Hogan and his reasonable, thoughtful perspective.

  4. The same people who talk about IDs being racist want covid IDs for essential things like bars and gyms, when only 30% of blacks are vaccinated 🤦

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