Massive manhunt underway for gunman accused of killing 5 neighbors

A manhunt is still underway in Texas as more than 250 law enforcement officers from more than a dozen agencies search for the man suspected of shooting and killing five of his neighbors, including a young child, after he was asked to stop firing his rifle near their home, authorities say.#CNN #News


    1. @Allison Abraham Defunding means what it says. And it was a really bad idea, based upon false statistics. When some jerk is shooting at people, regardless of his mental state, I want armed police to neutralize him, not a useless shrink or social worker.

    2. @Fractur3d Fairytales You are correct. The problem in Texas is that republcions have made it a lot easier to buy firearms and did away with laws that would have given law enforcement the power to do something about the calls from people complaining. That would have most likely stopped this man in the first place. The murderer was shooting his firearms off from his porch while drinking/drunk which apparently is OK with Texas republicons.

    3. @Xamis Limelight < triggered victim 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🐖🐸

  1. So which is the real suspect? Confused with the wrong photo posted…is this the dude? Please clarify. Thank you. Edit: Clearly an error was done by lead/assiting agency but if they want the communities help just have their POI make a PSA showing what they need and who they are looking for and who they ARE NOT LOOKING FOR (e.g. the mistaken post of a family man out of Ft Worth Tx) can’t look for someone you don’t know to look for.

    1. The pictures in this video are accurate. The only picture that was wrong was a drivers lic photo with a blue background.

    1. Let’s give thanks and gratitude to the democrats who let that man in our country illegally

    2. @☁POPULATION-_-420🌿 yes I do care I have kids too and I know how much a child need their mom, feel bad for you too saying that God bless you my friend.

    1. @☁POPULATION-_-420🌿 maybe call your representatives and urge them to secure the border?

    2. ​@Peter Dragon then how do we keep the ones INSIDE the country from doing the same??

    3. @Double Breasted1 I agree we have enough of our own here, we don’t need to import more shooters from out of country. But if you don’t want citizens to have guns, then you work to repeal the second amendment and get yourself on a gun confiscation team

  2. People act like animals. Why do these people have no feelings. I can’t imagine shooting anyone especially a child. I cant understand.

    1. Those are mother’s. They will take it for their children.
      Women and Children are off limits

  3. We’re just gonna have to start taking the law into our own hands more often. Also what a terrible response from the local police.

    1. @Nick Cellini * Disturbing the peace is a violation of the law regardless of what jurisdiction your in, and subject to arrest especially after the several warnings.

    2. @Jerry McClure Ya, if you do it in front of the police. If you don’t answer your door when they knock they cant arrest you. Most places in this country will now issue a person a ticket for Disturbing the Peace and release them immediately at the scene. Do we know if any cops ever showed up ? If they did show up, were they able to make contact with the suspect ? Did the complainants call 5 times in 8 minutes, 12 minutes, 1 hours, 3 hours, what was the time frame ?

  4. This is so horrible. My heart goes out to everyone impacted by this senseless cowardly crime. But why was he in this country and why is this news agency not mentioning that the killer was not supposed to be in this country. He was deported 5 times.

  5. Dear god please bring justice for this man , his wife and son and comfort for his time of grief. 🙏

  6. Heartbreaking 😢 we live in such an evil world condolences to these families❤

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