Massive protests shut down highway in Puerto Rico

Twelve days of simmering protests boiled over as thousands of Puerto Ricans blocked a major highway and launched an island-wide strike to demand their governor's resignation.
The massive protest was spurred in part by leaked messages between Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and members of his inner circle that included profanity-laced, homophobic and misogynistic comments.
But that scandal is just the latest reason why Puerto Rico's leadership needs to go, protesters say.

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    1. @Steve Austin Why it doesn’t surprise me to read self centered Americans making it about them. PATHETIC!!!

    2. bernie now doesn’t want to pay fair salary to his campaign staffers, even he is running on minimum wage


    1. This is how we who support the President, should go after what we stand for. I just wish there were protests against the Dem ridiculously corrupt policies. Demand the abolish the lottery, the chain migration, and other loopholes that give incentive to try to cross illegally.

    2. @The Bee Factory You want to see the actual tweet where keith ellison praised antifa Hitlerjugends? Or the video where ilhan omar praised al quaeda?
      Or the video where all of the squad refused to condemn extreme violence and terrorism of Hitlerjugends antifas?

    3. Focus on Nature Why would you want to block off roads? People have jobs they need to get to. What if someone needs medical attention and they are blocking the road.

      Trump supporters don’t act like this. I suggest you change teams if this is the behavior you approve of

    1. @PSW1980 X no it’s like one saying they’re a Tennessean or a Washingtonian. PR is a territory those people are American citizens.

    1. @K. Y. Pedophile smolletting fascist democrats always say it’s trumps fault. It’s a way for kid fucker democrats to distract from their own corruption
      And now, negative IQed child rapist smolletting democrats are getting so lazy, that anything is racist. Oppose the view of a pedophile democrat: Racist. Smiling: Racist. Breathing: Racist

    2. @Muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber you mean like Jeffrey Epstein, an associate of trump lol

    1. Yasssss, to bad they didn’t protest decades ago ,P.R has been a corrupt shithole for decades,anyone who is truthful and lives on the island will tell you that.

  2. i would be pretty pissed if our leader was chatting , badmouthing the dead of a recent tragic natural disaster , good for the people of puerto rico 🙂

    1. @Ms. Deputy Dog no they are not. Trump worked with the governor to release the fake death toll. Then he said…

      Ricky is a hard-working great guy for the Puerto Rican people. Another lie. We won’t stand for a lying governor or a lying president.

  3. The sad part is that only puerto Ricans know the hardships and mess that’s still ongoing there. People have been vacationing in Puerto Rico where the beaches and resorts are. Those areas are beautiful and were up and running very quickly. Those hotels have money and backup generators and all that. The natives have been suffering while tourists are having the time of their life, completely oblivious to the disaster around them

    1. I live here and I’m confused what’s your point? We need that tourism. Especially if our governor is going to be taking federal aid and pissing it away. What do paying tourists have to do with our corrupt governor?

  4. Americans behaving as Americans do when our government is not working for us. Puerto Rico keep the pressure on. Get Governor out of that office.

  5. Elected officials shouldn’t have the choice to “refuse” to resign. The People put him in. They should be able to take him out.

  6. Good it’s time the Government hears them… they are tired of not being heard…. it’s time to listen 👌👍

  7. I’m not from Puerto Rico however for the governor of an island to jokes about the victims of natural disasters is beyond forgiveness .

  8. Protest in Puerto Rico, protest in China, protests in France and in Venezuela and idk wtf is going on in Sudan but the world is a messed up place right now.

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