1. @Gabs : I have no idea. However, when trump was in office, my 401k grew $150k while trump was in office. Currently, this year alone, I’ve lost $100k. Something’s gotta give.

    2. @Rain Danse Ah yeah, the ole 401 scam. You’re the sucker for relying on the stock market as your retirement fund.

    3. @ullebor : Call me lollipop cause this sucker made bank. And I bet you work. Who’s the sucker now? 😂

  1. Why do you give this person a platform? There is a difference between newsworthiness and spreading propaganda and lies. I’m disappointed in CNN for doing this.

    1. what? you do not think it worth it to see that matt is higher than dim jr ?
      pay attention and do Not come accross as a trollski.

    2. Easy for us to get enraged, but what can you do about it? Even I post the worthless comments about how shitty the reporting is from CNN, but I know deep down we are all just flies that a horse wont flick its ear at.

    3. @𝓟𝓮𝓹𝓹𝓮𝓻-Ø₦ł (OniGin) majority of reporting from CNN is great. Smerconish is a soft interviewer whose tone sounds like he is joking.

    4. An opposing point of view does not constitute propaganda.

      CNN did the right thing by inviting Matt onto the show.

  2. Why is ‘polite society’ accepting people like Matt Gaetz back in the fold?!?!

    ahhhh.. the establishment!

  3. Amongst other things, Gaetz has the Perfect face for playing ” The Joker” from the Original Batman TV show, or “The Grinch”!🤨 He has the Personality for either as well!😁

    1. On a side note is there an actor who can replace Jim Carrey’s face now that he has gone geriatric?

    2. @Sinner Ella 🥰
      Hope you found your Prince, naughty girl!😁
      Apologies if your username isn’t a Cinderella reference!🤔😏
      Mike in San Diego.🌞🎸🚀🖖

  4. I sort of feel sorry for him. Imagine if every time you looked at a mirror you saw Matt Gaetz’s face.

  5. “attention seeker orders some attention.” Never had a problem before paying our debts until his boy lost. He also doesn’t mind unpaid tax cuts that never address revenue first… thats always conveniently saved for later to hold the economy hostage.

    1. @Lerian V the Trump tax cuts weren’t paid for with cuts elsewhere, they just ballooned the debt. And in a functioning society, people have to pay tax. That’s just how it works if you want roads and emergency services for example.

  6. Because you want McCarthy in jail first, so you are holding out on McCarthy. It does not matter because both of you should be
    In jail.

  7. Matt Gaetz learned from the Speaker’s vote – if he is the lone holdout, he can blackmail his way to getting free stuff from Kevin.

  8. We could start by repealing the Trump tax cuts for the rich for starters. Then return revenue back to where it was before Jr.’s second round of tax cuts. Then we can talk about some spending cuts.

    1. @Michael Eldridge Yeah, my arguments are so bad that he hasn’t been able to respond to them. Why don’t you trolls head on over to Faux News? They need new liars badly right now.😆

  9. Gaetz told his doctor,: ‘Every day I wake up, I look in the mirror, I want to throw up. What’s wrong with me?’ The doctor replied: “I don’t know, but your eyesight is perfect.”

    1. Maybe if you said it was an optometrist? [saying “number one or number two.”] Sadly the joke isnt there, because all I can “see” is some unspecific doctor talking outside his own field of work.

    2. @𝓟𝓮𝓹𝓹𝓮𝓻-Ø₦ł (OniGin) Yeah the joke has been used for decades in various formats better than this. Not even worth a chuckle to be honest. A 7th grade brain level of humor, at best.

    1. I think he has a personal dislike towards McCarthy and it has messed up his judgement!! I hope the people in Florida vote him out!!!

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