Melissa Francis DESTROYS Hillary Clinton Supporter! Clinton Foundation Corruption! 8/27/16

Melissa Francis DESTROYS Hillary clinton Supporter! 8/27/16

Melissa Francis calls out and destroys Hillary Clinton Campaign advisor and Hillary Clinton supporter on the Clinton Foundation Corruption. Melissa Francis calls the Clinton Foundation a fake charity because according to the IRS the Clinton Foundation only gives away 10% of the money it brings in so the Clinton Foundation can't be called a charity.

Fox News – Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro – Melissa Francis – August 27, 2016


  1. Beautiful Melissa. Now go after John McCain, Ted cruz, Lindsey Graham and
    Paul Ryan. Why are they for Hillary?

    1. I’ve been saying it for some time – the Polls are rigged and for 2 reasons
      – 1) to influence the gullible and swing their vote….! – and – 2) to
      cover up a rigged election – if Trump is 20% ahead in the polls and she
      wins it will be obvious the fix was in….! – and we know they can rig the
      election because they just did it to Bernie Sanders in the Primaries….!

  2. I’ve seen Melissa a few times but haven’t really formed an opinion about
    her until she filled in for the Judge.
    This lady is INCREDIBLE!!!!
    FNC you are making a HUUUGE mistake if you don’t give her a prime time snow

    1. +bukowskispen I read that Megyn Kelly’s ratings and down and when her
      contract is up, she plans to leave. I hope so and FNC gives the spot to
      Melissa Francis. Much more entertaining And not condescending

  3. ….and where is all this support for Hillary….? – we never see them on
    YouTube – I spend far too much tie on here and a positive comment on
    Hillary is about as rare as Hens Teeth….! – the Polls are rigged –
    there’s no way Hillary is ahead….!

  4. Only a moron could stomach the lies of the Clinton machine. The polls are
    rigged, the Neocons are in for Hillary and that means if she gets in war,
    famine, disease and regime change will be the norm, based on donations to
    the foundation by dictators the deaths of millions will follow.

    1. I don’t know but Megan McCain, and Dana Perino always bring them up to jump
      on Donald Trump’s jock strap. they say they can’t stand Hillary but can’t
      find anything good to say about Trump, ok Megan has food reasons, but do
      you want Hillary to win??

      They are falling for these rigged polls, every time they talk about them,
      “Yeah but Trump is so far behind, it’s over with.”

      ,NO Reagan was 15 % behind the first week November, after re-tooling his
      message and hardcore campaigning, two weeks later he came back and beat
      Lib-Tard Icon Jimmy Carter in a MASSIVE Landslide!

      Trump is already tightening the polls, with this weeks Big rally’s planned
      and weekend in Detroit talking directly to Minority voters, it should have
      some kind of impact!

  5. well according to the people from haiti they never received the money they
    were supposed to from this foundation….soooo why not?? and isn’t it
    weird??? and what does HRC bro got to do with it?? what happened in haiti

  6. I don’t like Trump… but I HATE Hillary, so right on, Melissa, give that
    Hillary shill grief!

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