Merkley: I Find Myself Agreeing With Josh Hawley & Bernie Sanders On Direct Covid Relief | MTP Daily

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) tells Chuck Todd that, "I find myself agreeing completely with Josh Hawley, as does Bernie Sanders" on including direct payments in the bill. Aired on 12/08/2020.
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Merkley: I Find Myself Agreeing With Josh Hawley & Bernie Sanders On Direct Covid Relief | MTP Daily


    1. And it still is in direct contradiction to reality, so you accomplished nothing, just like all conservatives.

    2. Just think the longer the delay on stimulus checks is in favor of the Republicans saving money for the rich people. A package was approved in the house in the Spring. Approximately 200,000 people who would have gotten checks have died. I’m just doing rough math.

  1. You cant provide COVID relief that doesnt include any actual relief for the people. Everyone is hurting. Everyone needs that stimulus.

    1. Technically, this isnt a Stimulus Bill. The goal is not to stimulate the economy during a very bad low tide. This is a Covid Relief Bill. Designed to provide financial relief to those most affected. However a particular poitical party seems to think that the ones who most need it are big businesses and for-profit colleges. Thats the excuse they’re using.

      The only good thing this will do is provide an extension to unemployment and Pandemic Underemployment Assistance.

  2. Repubs can only give out welfare to the rich and powerful.
    When We the People need it, then they are suddenly budget hawks/fiscal conservatives.
    This is morally vile and unAmerican.

  3. What is going to be done with all the money that the wealthy got and didn’t need, like Trump, Kushner and McConnell?

    1. Yes, the $3 Million Dollars from the first PPP that went to TRAITOR Trump and Jared Kushner?? Why did the US President and his Family receive money from the PPP??

  4. I believe the Biden Administration should SANCTION Trump and his company. They don’t care about taxes, they shouldn’t care about sanctions

  5. Republican senators really have fun with the lives of Americans. They are bad!
    Take away the power they have in the Senate, Georgia can and must do it on January 5

    1. Fingers Crossed and prayers said that the Blue Wave continues in Georgia, so that Ossoff and Warnock are elected into the Senate in January 2021!!!

    1. 500,000 dead by Eviction Day, all because Diaper Donnie refuses to do any of the work that being president requires.

  6. No plan!? How about it was approved by the Congress in May! Then Mnuchin and McConnell got their greasy hands on it and here we are! $1200. Or No.

    1. It passed in the House only, not all of Congress. McConnell refused to even let the Senate consider it, as he did several compromise bills.

  7. Reminder: Over $500 billion in corona relief was given to corporations and Mnuchin still refuses to disclose who got that money.
    Now, I wonder why that is? 🤔😅😂

    1. @T.A. ACKERMAN Yeah right, blame her….She didn’t take any like trump and mitch did. She tried to put a man in to oversee the distribution of of the ppp money, BUT TRUMP FIRED HIM AND DID IT HIMSELF!!

  8. Why would Mitch McConnell fight so hard to not include a direct check to the American people
    After he lives his whole life off our tax dollars

    1. Actually not quite accurate. He lives his whole life off of his wife’s, our current secretary of transportation Elaine Chang, money. Her family is loaded.

  9. Unbelievable, how many months ago I heard this same “Agreeing With” load of excrement…….
    If the elected politician would serve the people’s interest just once, they’ve forgotten their oath…….

  10. Quick questions .. if the election was so “rigged” why did the Dems leave Mitch in power? Did they plan everything else out perfectly but just skip the part where they removed him? ….. 🤔

    1. Do you expect logic and reason from the MAGA crowd? All those split tickets are not only proof that Trump truly lost, but that many of the people who voted for Biden, also did not want Democrats to control Congress, they just wanted Trump gone.

  11. If TAX payers are not going to get RELIEF then WHO DOES? STOP it all together then. There shouldn’t be any RELIEF to any CORPORATE or COMPANY. Period!

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