Michael Moore Explains ‘In The End, Bin Laden Won’ On Afghanistan Withdrawal

Michael Moore joins us to explain what he means when he says, “In the end, Bin Laden won.”
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    1. Biden voted for it. And MSDNC fired hosts like Phil Donahue who spoke out against an invasion. Don’t put all this on W. The left did their part as well

    2. @MrDiscostu4u There’s no good way to withdraw. You withdraw cause you got beaten. The problem is that the US never learned how to lose a war and what you have to do after that. That’s why it ended the way it did.

    1. @Julie Nielsen Agreed. He’s paid by Putin. He should be censored and imprisoned along with Trump and the Oathkeepers.

    2. @Winston Smith Russia have their own social media companies. And Google, apple, Facebook, Twitter can’t censored Putin 🤣🤣🤣

    1. July 23, 2021 Joe Biden asked the president of Afghanistan to lie for him on the mater of National security.
      Because the Taliban was taking over all of Afghanistan.
      Joe was worried about the perception in America and around the world.
      “Joe’s quote whether it’s true or not we need to predict a different picture.

      Joe stated – “The likelihood of the Taliban over running everything and taking over the whole country is very unlikely”

      National security advisors told him the Taliban was taking over the whole country.

      Joe Biden knew they were taking over the whole country and lied

      That’s TREASON ..

  1. As an old, retired military man, this is why we shouldn’t “nation build.” Do the job that’s necessary, and then get out. “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

    1. @dragonfox 2.0 Also, I am confused as to how a dude could hook up with chicks who believe he is a chick too. Seems pretty hard to pull off.

    2. @dragonfox 2.0 hmm and when the young and naive find out that you have an extra appendage, they just roll with it? seems unlikely

    3. @dragonfox 2.0 sounds insane, in this day and age, with the countless, incredibly easy means for hooking up with consenting partners, to do something like that

  2. There was no good way or good time to withdraw. It was time. It’s done and the last people are getting out. But, Michael, a lot has been learned. A lot was done. It was not for nothing, and will only have been in vain if we forget what was learned. The worst part is the time spent their was too long – that some people and companies wanted it to be continuous to make money.

  3. Michael always has important insight. You have to listen even if you don’t like to hear it. I do consider him a modern day prophet, someone who is not afraid to give us the hard visions in hopes of getting us to be better angels.

  4. OMG Brian Williams really needs to make a point that “Osama is where he belongs”. That’s how he would close off on what Michael Moore said?

  5. We were going to have to leave any way! Has soon has we announced we would take refugees the Afghan military FOLDED!

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