Mike Pence Slams Hillary Clinton Foundation Pay to Play! 10/4/16

Mike Pence Slams Hillary Clinton Foundation Pay to Play! 10/4/16

Mike Pence brings up the Clinton Foundation to remind people of Hillary Clinton corruption at the Vice Presidential Debate – October 4, 2016.



  1. Pence said “foreign governments can not participate in USA policy”….wtf
    what about aipac and Israel? Everyday

    1. I thought Kaine looked like he was getting cues from someone in the room .
      Watch him closely. It looks as if he is acknowledging someone behind the
      moderator while Mike Pence is talking. Why should the Trump campaign
      bother to debate these people when they know that Hillary and Kaine are
      going to lie and cheat?

  2. I watched the whole debate and Pence did a fantastic job tonight! Kaine
    looked like he was going to explode every time Pence started speaking the
    truth! Kaine is shady looking and he fits right in with crooked Hillary!

  3. debates shouldnt have moderators. They are fucking annoying as hell. “your
    2 minutes are up, your 2 minutes are up”

    SHUT UP and let the guy finish his point which was clearly only going to
    take an additional 10 seconds

    1. The 2 mins were up only when Pence was debating…
      reason why I had to stop watching it… The moderator did a VERY poor job
      “directing traffic…”
      Right off the bat Kaine interrupted Pence & spoke over him. I could barely
      hear him. The loud mouth went on & on & the moderator allowed it. Then at a
      certain point when Pence was debating another issue, there went loud mouth
      again, talking over Pence…then moderator comes out & says, “Gentlemen,
      the public can’t hear you when you’re talking over each other…” Pissed me
      off…stopped watching…

  4. something about kaines face makes me wanna punch his suckhole. he looks
    like a sneaky smug little rat. welp if this is what America wants so be

  5. Kaine was flustered in the first 15 minutes. Just what we’d need for the
    “next in line” a guy that gets red in the face so fast.

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