1. Do your job we all realize the rioting goons are all products of a mad man
    who thinks he is the new Jesus Christ. george soros If you want to drain
    the swamp you’ll have to start with him

    1. philly 1971 that sounds like your ready to call Marshall law. Too deploy
      and army to settle this could be a real mistake

  2. Trump needs to ensure he purges most of our intelligence services as well
    most of which are corrupt especially the CIA which has gone to long
    operating independently and without any major over site.

  3. Cancel national debt based on banking fraud, counterfeit currency
    circulation for the uber rich to overthrow the world, and execute those
    responsible for holding humanity hostage to corruption and illegal
    confiscation of person and property. Is there really any place left for
    them in the future? Well, not where they can freely walk around without
    being targeted by the populations of the world and survive. Their end has
    come. Everything they have done has been exposed. Every just due is

  4. America’s Vice President Elect Mike Pence, a true example of CLASS! The
    Democrats continue to show their arrogant asses over and over again while
    displaying their “blood thirst” of destruction and violence! All I can say
    America is we certainly dodged a deadly “bullet” by the defeat of Hillary
    Clinton and her minions and immoral media thugs! Look how these liberals
    are reacting to a legitimate defeat! Can you imagine how these “people”
    would react to a national or worldly crisis or sufficient event? Just by
    reviewing their desparate “stop at nothing (legally or illegally)” before
    and definitely after this FAIR election is any indication on how they would
    run a country is the scariest vision of all! Imagine, if you will, a policy
    or major event happened in America or elsewhere that did not go accordingly
    to their specifications! JUST IMAGINE! This current Democratic Party’s way
    of behaving is extreme violence, no other word can I think of but to call
    it what it is, “TEMPER TANTRUMS” and destruction of property and proven
    violence towards law enforcement and ANY soul that accidently gets in their
    “War Path!” They behaved like this even before election night! ACTIONS
    ALWAYS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! And the Democratic Party has turned into
    something that is to be feared and taken very seriously as it stands today!
    BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, the instability and willingness to injury/kill
    anyone or to destroy their personal lives if things do not go with their
    “program.” They will do this to their fellow Americans! Can you imagine now
    if they were to be given full access to nuclear codes and our military
    under a Clinton regime? Just thank God that it was not allowed to happen
    and Mr Trump triumphed! And let this be a warning, the media is being over
    runned by the same people committing violence on the streets and constant
    “whining” still today and the supposed “professionals” that can’t accept
    the democratic election process! The people of America have spoken and I’m
    sorry liberals, it wasn’t for your candidate! It’s called a DEFEAT and you
    can try again in 4 years! Grow the hell up!

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