Military analyst calls Russian Victory Day parade ‘laughable’

Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling (Ret.) explains the significance of what appeared to be a scaled-back Victory Day parade in Russia as the war in Ukraine continues. Victory Day celebrates the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany in WWII. #CNN #News #shorts


  1. If you close your eyes at the beginning and pretend they saying “loser”….. you can actually hear it 😂

  2. Should always have a parade unit that doesn’t get sent to the frontlines no matter what. Morale is everything. This joke of a parade isn’t what the Russian People are used to.

  3. The 9th of May 2023 parade in a nutshell. Only cadet’s, one tank, NO helicopters, NO jets and one pathetic speech.

  4. How many people both young and old have lost their lives because of Putin’s selfishness? And they call these losses, victory, success?

    1. Сколько десятков миллионов погибли из за американского империализма?

  5. Certainly captured my imagination….like this is supposed to be a VICTORY PARADE???!!!😮

    1. 😂 I wouldn’t wanna fight for a mf who can’t even give me a tiny plate carrier either. 🇺🇸

  6. Those are not missiles – they are just empty cylinders dressed like missiles at best they are used to store water.

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