Mulcair: O’Toole ‘playing games’ with his caucus and vaccines mandates


  1. What difference does this make? Trudeau shut down parliament by proroguing it for weeks. Then shut it down for an election that he claimed was “critical” then refuses to open it until mid November. Trudeau added 8 more ministers @ $270,000 per year.
    This debate means Zero to most Canadians who are dealing with wage losses& higher prices.

    1. Always pursue a career in an essential service. Inflation at this time is a world problem, not just a Canadian problem.

    1. The problem is that the conservative party is trying to hard to be progressive and less conservative.

  2. Erin THE TOOLE. Everybody’s favorite fence sitter. Never thought i’d ever agree with that SOB Mulcair.

  3. If we are making a new permanent under caste, we should at least permit them the possibility of democratic representation in our system of government.

  4. Justin never answers a straight forward question ever. Do not give O tool a hard time for doing the same thing.

    1. …well he will have to put his big boy pants on …have courage …Start with ( 1) Manufacture says vax does not stop transmission only mitigates illness
      (2) Manufacture says after double vax less 50 % ( coin flip ) …soooo why Mandate …why local Vax pass ports ??

    2. @SteelCom Justin is never clear about anything I have never seen a person talk so much and say nothing.

  5. How come Otoole is still in charge . Have the conservatives lost their minds keeping a extremely poor leader around to keep on confusing Canadians and not steering their party in a firm direction . Get rid of him or face the same results in next election .

  6. I believe it’s time for a real change in the way the country is running. I would like to see a more democratic system like appointing each premier of the provinces to the federal cabinet. I’m tired of having one person the PM running the country and no one has a word to say about it. Right now the PM can select their friends to cabinet and run the whole country. I believe that someone who won their own riding by ten votes can be the Minister of labor. I would rather the premier of any province who won with millions of voters which in my book is more democratic than what happens now.

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