Musk: ‘I’ll say what I want to say’ even if it means losing money

In an interview on CNBC following Tesla's shareholder meeting, outgoing Twitter CEO Elon Musk said he "didn't care" if his controversial tweets drew the ire of Tesla customers or Twitter advertisers. #CNN #News


    1. ​@ST7A Bad Karma “Free speech” as long as you’re not opposing the Turkish or Indian governments, yeah okay fanboy 😂

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  2. I can’t work at a factory at home because it’s just not possible. However, someone who does data entry does not physically need to be there. And people who worked from home created new jobs. Do they need to be regulated so people and work and live at the same time, but it created jobs. How is that bad?

    1. What he meant by that is that when you’re working from home you are much less competent. Let’s all be very clear and honest about it. During Covid some of us were working from home… our productivity dropped by about 30-50%. Working from home is for people who has no other choice. Ex. For medical purpose or because they must take care of someone who is unable to… But seriously. Why do I have to wake up at 6 AM. Take a shower. Do my beard. Eat fast and get in my car to go to work while you can just stay home and do your job? That’s not how life works and that’s what he meant by that. I mean… Why do kids have to go to school? They can all learn from home right? That’s nonsense.

    2. ​@Kriptz Yes, the idea that working from home is not effective makes a lot of sense. The reporters were not sharing this view, probably so they could push a caricature on Elon. I don’t necessarily support the guy, but there are accurate and inaccurate ways of describing him.

    3. @Kriptz  first, I’m very stoned. So whatever I say at this moment I think I’m wise, be nice. You might not believe this, but my husband has spent the last 30 years getting up at 5. I stayed home and homeschooled our children. All 5 of them. 3 if them natural and 2 who are my best friends twins, she passed away. Just in case you think I think people should have 20 kids. My husband is 51, and his body is breaking down. And I’m getting really tired of doing puzzles and whatever the new art fad is as I try to figure out what to do with my life.
      Give me a sec, I’m crying.

    4. ok, sorry. I have, well I can’t say no regrets, but I’ll stand by it. You want to know what happens when kids don’t get participation trophies? You get my generation, X. We can work at home just fine. Most would, in fact, have it that way. Lol, even my husband would rather do it himself than have a bunch of people trying to help him. We did that, or at least my husband and I, so our children wouldn’t have to. I gave my kids those trophies because I wanted them to know I was proud of them. And get over it, but you should not have to learn. Your best isn’t good enough at 5. We went into debt to give you vacations that were about family and love and memories that last. I live in a failing education state because that’s where the jobs were, and a real chance a home ownership. Ok, break time again, I’m just so happy that I get to have this life.

    5. Ok, so why shouldn’t those who can work from home work from home? I would rather stay at home, rock our, get the job done, and move on with my day. I get defensive when my husband stands over my shoulder. I would piss off whoever else did it when I made it clear. I liked that 6 foot away stuff. This could be why I can’t think of any job I could do. Oh, and good luck pulling the boss card, I have hated authority since I was 7. Don’t get me wrong, I love learning new things. Give me the videos or book and go away. If there is a problem, show me. Then go away again.

  3. It’s funny he says that because everyone can’t work from home, that is morally wrong, but he bans people on his platform for saying something negative about him, but he then says it’s because he owns the company. Is that morally wrong as well? He picks and chooses what he finds to be morally wrong….even though he says he says he is a freedom of Speech absolutist.

    The person that works on your house can’t work from home no matter what time of the day or year it is. The person who makes your food can’t ever work from home, because it’s not a possibility. I work in an office building, but the gardener works outside. I guess that is morally wrong too…based on Elon’s ridiculous view of morals and job positions.

  4. Remember when he put a “cash” reward out for anyone who could prove he came from wealth and carried around emeralds from his families Emerald mine. Because he was being cocky and thought no one could provide proof.

    And LITERALLY his father came out of nowhere and was like “yea, we had an emerald mine, here are the receipts”


    1. He is slow and entitled. Unfortunately, the world obliges ‘people’ like this and keeps them propped up.

    1. glad you looked in the mirror Robert and were able to come to that conclusion.

  5. People are zipping so much as they are afraid to lose the little they have..
    It is refreshing to see some one that stand for his value and speak out …

    1. I don’t think he really cares. He made them enormous amount of money and the tesla board is completely powerless to do anything against musk lol. It’s extremely hard to control him

    1. I agree. Hope he gets more of it. Seems to be the only person publicly doubting things the MSM spew out.

  6. From what I can tell, the only genius move Elon ever made was being born to parents who own a mine.

  7. Elon doesn’t care about losing money, sleeps in his businesses, asks the public what they think, even when his trucks window smashed he laughed. Space x. What popular billionaire is as down to earth? Twitter isn’t even in the top social media platforms. NOT EVERYONE CARES ABOUT MONEY OR POLITICS. I dont care what Elon does he’s only human. Fml. I like his humor. People at some point humans won’t exist let’s try to preserve life if not then we’re just a part of history like every person before us. Stay safe, don’t pick sides and live the 1 life you have.

  8. Most people are taught that “you only need a good job to become rich”. These billionaires are operating on a whole other playbook that many don’t even know exists.

    1. I agree with you and I believe that the secret to financial stability is having the right investment ideas to enable you earn more money, people fail to understand that living a Life without passive income isn’t worth much except trying to pay off debts and loans. I don’t know who agrees with me but either way I recommend either real estate or crypto and stocks.

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  9. He simply said that he wants to say what he believes is right, whats so wrong about that? Considering his resume, he should be saying a lot more.

  10. Wow, CNN never even highlighted the other 50 points that he made, and then cut out parts to get the full depth of what he said. Elon Musk is a Legend and should be praised

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