Nancy Pelosi announces impeachment managers | USA TODAY

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will identify the lawmakers called managers who will prosecute the impeachment case.

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The House is set to vote Wednesday afternoon to send articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate, where opening arguments are expected Tuesday in only the third impeachment trial of a president in history.

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said the vote would be in the afternoon, after 10 minutes of debate. Hoyer said members would formally walk the articles across the Capitol to the Senate either late Wednesday or on Thursday.

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    1. Trump is corrupt. He never follows what our Constitution says. He feels he can just bypass it. He’s breaking the Constitutional Laws.

    1. dominique bourjac collier You might not be aware of exactly how wondrous a product vinegar is. Apple cider vinegar taken with water is cleansing to the body. A tonic. White vinegar mixed with water is used as a cleaning agent so that toxic chemicals are not needed to be used in the home. Yes – these people who love America and the Constitution are cleaning up the toxic mess created by KGB-Putin-Communist as he has/and currently is working on taking apart our dear country which is so different from his. Putin seeks world leadership by dismantling American values – yes vinegar is the perfect tool to clean up this toxic duo.

    1. @Tara S That doesn’t make the Conflict Of Interest go away sweetie… . Almost forgot, liking your own comment shows your desparation.

    1. kevin wood Wonder what YOU look like – and wonder what u will look like when u r almost 80. Will u be in a senior citizen home/aka nursing home? Perhaps running the government. Probably not.

  1. Bidens were in Ukraine. Paul Pelosi Jr./ Nancy’s son was in Ukraine. Chris Heinz/John Kerry’s son was in Ukraine. Hillary Clinton’s largest foreign Foundation donor til 2016 .. Was Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk. Trump mentioned “Ukraine Investigation” and Dems filed impeachment articles immediately… “Urgent.. can’t wait”. Cover Up? What would a financial investigation in Ukraine find?? Dirty Dems ??

  2. This is a joke and you freaks are falling for this lie!! This station is always Orange Man Bad and they have NOTHING against him! Biden Hillary Obama and the CIA DOJ FBI are and were ALL in on it! Scumbags that used the system to fake people out with the lie’s they spread out of pure spoiled brat hate! Scumbags with power and money and you people vote em office to cover your crimes! To bad you got caught now and we know it

  3. Do Pelosi and Schiff think the American people are stupid? How do they have the gall to whine about the process of the Trial in the Senate, after riding roughshod over Rep minority – and the President’s rights – in the House?

  4. This is embarrassing on national television because we all know Democratic Party can’t win the 2020 election so sad.

  5. She doesn’t even care what she’s saying—stumbling over every other word she’s gotta say! Some speaker, anyone else wouldn’t even get elected if they couldn’t get their words out!

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