Nanos polling: Trudeau, Poilievre ‘neck-and-neck’ for preferred prime minister | TREND LINE

CTV News' Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos break down new data showing that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre are 'neck-and-neck' in preferred prime minister polling – but Nik says that should be a concern for the Liberal Party because usually the incumbent has an advantage.

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    1. Works out for me. More motivation to make sure I vote Poilievre and to make more contributions to the Conservative Party.

  1. We never vote in a government in Canada. We always vote out a government. That’s why the liberals are in trouble

  2. It’s incredible to me, that there are Canadians who can’t see the damage Justin has done to this country. Do some research folks. Find out for yourself.

    1. Oh they can. They are the ones on the free ride for life side. They are afraid the free ride for life is coming to an end.

  3. Shouldn’t even be neck-and-neck. Canadians that support Trudeau should be shamed in public places.

    1. ​@HyperpandasLesser problem? Name me another time in federal politics when there were daily scandals

    2. @Bob Thodas There’s never been a time with daily federal government scandals, including the current period. Also, I was speculating on why Trudeau and Poillievre seem to have roughly equal support for the PM role.

    3. ​@Hyperpandas lol, true evil displayed on the forefront, yet the cultists “believe” hahahaha

  4. It seems we still have some folks in our country supporting Trudeau. Really? Have they still not figured it out???

  5. The apathy and ignorance of Canadians on full display with Trudeau not being at the bottom of the list at this point.

  6. Trudeau stays. He is brilliant. No one come close. I’d trust him on the Security Council.

  7. Yea. More like Poilievre it towering over Trudeau.
    I’m just afraid Trudeau will invoke the emergencies act and declare himself prime minister for life.

  8. I have no trust in Trudeau and his Ministers. I don’t think their primary interests are to serve Canadians – they should be in the private sector.

  9. I wouldn’t say fatigue, I’d say absolute disgust of Trudeau as a prime minister and a human is more like it.

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