Nenshi breaks down Trudeau cabinet shuffle and it’s implications for Alberta

Calgary's former mayor Naheed Nenshi discusses Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's new cabinet and if the shuffle will bring about immediate results.

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  1. Did Trudeau elected federal liberal indigenous seat members for Minister or show that he thinks they’ll are capable of being Minister of Crown Indigenous Relations?

    1. @mark2073 it’s funny you say this for everybody keeps telling the system is broken and I keep telling them that the system is in no way broken! It’s working just as they wish it to but it is fixed. Fixed,not broken.

  2. Alberta keeps Canada running, shut down the oil patch and see what happens. Equalization payments to Quebec should stop immediately.

    1. @tynome63 but but- Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick will miss their quadruple brother… Quebec

    2. Ontario until 2007 has the real lifeblood and still is the most important economic hub, stop fooling yourself conservative partisans

  3. I thought Nenshi finally went away? No? Has he arranged a deal to be a hired Trudeau Liberal consultant? Get on that Federal payroll? Replace Butts? Is that why he didn’t run for Calgary mayor? Trudeau pays better? Remember, a weasel never stops being a weasel.

  4. Everyone complaining and that includes me, the only way change will ever happen is to get into politics and make their lives miserable by running against them.

  5. ….a $650 Million game of “Musical Chairs” that accomplished exactly NOTHING….Trudildeau and Freelunch are still holding top positions and shuffling the deck chairs around on the Titanic.

    I guess the biggest chunks💩 DO float to the top of the septic tank.

    Who knew ?🤣

  6. Why would anyone care what Denshi has to say??…….took a great city and emptied its down town and cant get an arena done, but ohhhhh, look at the shiny bike paths…..its a disgrace…

  7. Why don’t you talk about the record spending in this government? More than WW2 and the 2009 recession with no budget

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