Never-before-seen images of Putin’s lavish home and reputed girlfriend

Roman Badanin, an independent Russian journalist who left Russia after facing the threat of a prison sentence, discusses his investigation into Russian President Vladimir Putin's secret, lavish lifestyle and details about his reputed girlfriend. #CNN #News


    1. @NeEd InPuT That’s a government building. It was not built by Zelensky, and he doesn’t own it nor live there. Get some common sense.

    2. @TJ .. True, the dwarf Putin just wear high heals and constantly hide in his bunker, if fear of… well, everything.

    1. @crushnev nikita Invaders aren’t liberators and Russia have no right to “liberate” territory that don’t belong to them. And liberate from what, the rebel secessionists that Russia helped to start a civil war?

    2. @An Acc why don’t tell that to the NATO first and see what they respon to your question..

  1. Estimated value is 1.9T USD, it has a huge bunker, beach access, heliports all over the place, an underground hockey arena, swimming pools and gym, plus a 300k acre vineyard. Which is why his army has 60 year old tanks, 40 year old helicopters and 100 year old tactics.

    1. The money for which was stolen from the Russian people. Do the people know how he lives, with an armoured train just for him? He must know how much he is ‘loved’.

  2. How do we allow human beings to obtain this much unchecked power at the hands of the suffering of so many?

  3. Sincere hopes someone stops Putin with extreme prejudice very soon! He needs to be brought to justice for ALL if his crimes!

  4. The world is very dependent on Zelensky holding off Russia. We seem very cavalier here and get excited when Russian soldiers voice dissent. As if that was going to bring Russia down. Ukraine is wounded and tired and vows not to give up. We need to help Ukraine because they are keeping Russia from our doors.

  5. Timofiy Shadura, brave hero of Ukraine. R.I.P. You’ll always be in our memory.
    . *_Slava heroyu! Heroyam slava! Ukrayini slava!_*_ – Stay safe!_

  6. This HERO truly deserve a grand statue cast in bronze with an everlasting flame, in the center of Kiev, for the eternal remembrance and example of courage, heroism, patriotism, and proud defiance in the face of certain death. May his name – Tymofii Mykolayovych Shadura – live forever in our conscience and our soul and his death never to be forgotten! RIP!

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