Notley vs. Smith: Key moments from the first Alberta leaders debate

CTV's Austin Lee breaks down the first Alberta leaders debate as UCP Leader Danielle Smith and NDP Leader Rachel Notley faced off.

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    1. They do, they just aren’t successful enough to be invited to the leaders debate. They have not held a seat since 2019

  1. I remember Notley letting Trudeau get rid of 100,00 jobs in the energy sector and she did nothing to try to stop it.

    1. Ditto on the say no to the ndp, BC is very expensive and the ndp could care less much like notley will do to alberta again

    1. Really? you watched a different debate!! What about all the questions she ignored??!!! UCP =MAGA 2.0!! WE DESERVE BETTER!!!

  2. When will this channel cover the rising number of excess deaths beyond the national average? The number are accumulating at a staggering pace and not one mentions it. When?!

  3. Don’t we already have a powerful utility grid? That’s why electricity is so much more expensive now than it used to be.

  4. Nothing like being fair & balanced … When they spoke of the NDP, nothing really negative stated. But, when they spoke about the conservatives they used Inaccurate = 1, False = 1, Misleading = 1. All within a short three minute clip.

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