Nuclear Monitoring Stations Fall Silent After Russian Explosion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Mary Rose Kent Uhhh, Clearly that map is showing the cloud over kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan pakistan uzbekistan turkmenistan Tajikistan Ukraine Romania Bulgaria turkey Syria Lebanon Israel Jordan Iraq Iran saudi arabia greece and china… maps?

    2. Those downwind probably feel the same way those educated folks downwind and downstream feel about Fukushima, which is still not “fixed”.

    1. Look into a mirror, why nobody ever mentioned Hiroshima disaster ? Cos US HAD THE RIGHT by Whom ???

    1. BartJ583 That is a shame. This ‘incident’ appears way more important than Tr*mp & his antics…

    2. David Lafleche Read the Mueller Report. That should give you clarity and the truth. Stop making garbage up. You are an embarrassment to this nation…

    3. David Lafleche What nonsense are you talking about? The world has many problems, it seems you are unaware of ‘everything’.

    1. “Controlling what the people think, that’s our job!” – MSNPC’s Mika Brzezinski, while lamenting Trumps influence.

    2. @Mind Freshener Traitor Trump’s influence on his cult followers is like that of Charles Manson.
      If Mika opens their eyes, that’s a social service.
      Controlling what people think has been Putin’s obsession since his USSR days.
      Soviet communism and Maoist communism control people with an iron fist.
      Putin kills those who oppose him.

      The internet in Russia is like big brother.
      Though police screens everything in Russia.

    3. Ramon Guzman Exactly! The same as Trump admin shutting down scientific research, taking another page from Putin playbook.

  1. I’m assuming that the nuclear monitoring stations that went offline will be correlated with wind direction, as well speed, to see if the problem is worse than is currently being reported!

  2. A few more Russian experiments and they won’t have a country they can live in. If people knew what happened PUTIN would be hung in the square in Moscow. That’s why they hide it.

    1. Radiation fallout does not respect borders, it is not a Russian problem, it is a Europe, Asia, Mediterranean and eventually a world problem

    2. They have calenders, mugs, and posters with Putins face on it on every street corner. Think they’re gonna hang him? They are taught to adore him.

    3. @D E you’re not wrong, but kind of wrong) You understandably don’t see the whole picture (and neither do I, even though I live in Russia), but the popularity of this government is plummeting. They control the media, so the information about it is not flowing as freely as it could and should. And although the situation for the revolution is not quite right yet, there are enough forces preparing for it.

    4. Wouldn’t it be hilarious (not) if Russia became a democracy and we end up with a totalitarian government?

  3. Oh. Great. That’s just great. Put nuclear fallout and possible (additional) Russian duplicity on the pile of problems we’re dealing with right now. That’s swell.

  4. “The Russian government has not been transpare-”

    STOP RIGHT THERE. Russia is never, ever transparent about their dealings.

    1. Transvestite “Rachel” has not been transparent about his real gender either, but you don’t see me complaining.

    2. LuckySevenSamson :
      Putin: “So, you put the uranium in WHICH END of the missile?”
      Lackey: . . . “Umm . . . It seemed like a good idea at the time . . . “
      Putin: “That’s it! No more Vodka for those scientists!”
      Lackey: “Yeeeah . . . About those scientist . . . “
      Putin: “What? Where are they?”
      Lackey: “We haven’t finished scraping them off the sea bed, yet . . . “. 😁

  5. Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find a way to stop having so many nuclear disasters. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by your neighboring countries if you do. 😄

    1. @Derek D Richard’s right though. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Not the meltdown are the civilian attacks. We’re still the only country to use atomic/nuclear weapons against an opposing nation.

    1. @Mervyn Stephens ahh….but agolf’s comments are not wasted on the rest of us. And, it is pretty entertaining to see them still trying to blame everything on Hillary. According to their fearful leader, women are insignificant and useless, except Hillary, she’s a super woman! Everything theybelieve is so contradictory!😄

    2. @Mervyn Stephens
      Of course it goes straight over the nationalist minority’s heads.
      It is scientifically proven that the nationalist minority is born stupid.
      But it still has to be said though 😀

    3. To actually be as oblivious and ignorant as the omega males “jesuisravi” and “Rockstarr Seven” apparently are, you have to be very young and very wet behind the ears.
      I can’t tell exactly what year their dad’s condom ruptured, but it was sometime in this century, that’s for sure.

    4. @jesuisravi yes Hillary Clinton blew up a Russian Nuclear missile. Do you realize how stupid that sounds? No you are probably a low IQ individual as your President says……..

  6. So Putin has just nuked his own population and he’s trying to keep it quiet.
    While he’s having a nice little extended holiday in France…

    1. He probably told them not to test it if the prevailing wind was blowing in the direction of France.

    2. With the winds aloft, Russia has made the whole upper hemisphere toxic. But that’s ok Fuhashima, another big secret, is still leaking radioactive materials into the ocean. And that affects everyone.
      Nuclear everything is just a really bad idea.

  7. This was an accident.just think, what if we actually blew ourselves up.we are stupid to allow the risk of death by nuclear war, to hang over the heads of our children.besides all the other life on earth.

  8. Now is a perfect time for Trump to visit his best friend Putin and investigate the testing sites. We can assure him it’s safe. “Fake news” POTUS 👍🏽

  9. Only in Russia do they have monitoring stations that are on when there is no radioactivity to monitor and off when there is radioactivity to monitor.

    1. Check out the monitoring stations here in the USA after Fukushima. Many of them went offline for _some reason_ after the event and have not, as far as I know, been returned to service. Nuclear power industry has a strong grip on governments and taxpayers. The industry supplies fuel for the bombs.

  10. So, trump believes US intel on THIS, but otherwise it’s “fake news” and they are against him? 🤔🙄🖕

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