NYC cab driver who picked up Prince Harry, Meghan: Paparazzi “kept their distance”

New York City cab driver Sukhcharn Singh said that the paparazzi weren't acting aggressive while he was driving Prince Harry and Meghan.

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  1. And if he took them from a police station maybe the chase happened before…I am sure they will clear this

  2. Imagine risking some poor taxi driver’s life.. if you had prior knowledge of a life and death situation anyway. Not that I necessarily believe that. I truly believe they are living their narcicistic lives in a self fulfilling prophecy style way.. it must be incredibly draining. It’s really pathological and toxic. I feel genuinely sad for their children…

  3. This cab was a diversion AFTER the chaos that ensued in their security SUV. That’s why he picked them up from the precinct.

  4. They didn’t get into a yellow taxi…who is this person🤣🤣🤣… seen video why is Diana’s last son in this yellow cab. He’s royalty👑😵‍💫

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