On the Record 8/26/16 Full: Donald Trump Interview, Trump Immigration Plan

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren 8/26/16 full episode: Donald Trump Interview, Trump Immigration Plan.

Fox News – On the Record with Greta Van Susteren – August 26, 2016 – Full Episode



  1. here is the truth of why the pools are fake: any imbecil can see trump
    has at least 80% of votes. But why on TV they say pools are 48-52 or
    50-50 or 40-60. They do this so in case they succeed in stealing the
    election people wont riot. If people see pools 50-50 they will say “ahh
    she won, there is no need to riot because half country voted her”, but
    if they show the real pools on TV 20-80 (for trump) and they steal the
    election people will say “wtf is this 80% of us voted with trump and she
    won lets kill these sons of bit…”

  2. President Trump has a good temperament! A straight and true talker! A good

    God bless Trump! God bless USA!!

  3. Ah, I’m African American and I have NEVER in my life had a leader other
    than someone i’ve elected! Who determined these people were leaders of
    Black and Brown people???? Whites??

    1. I’m Hispanic and I actually hated Trump at first but I decided to do my own
      extensive research and after thousands of man hours of research I woke up
      and seen the light!!!! Donald Trump is our only hope to take this country
      back from the sick elite globalist who are the actual string pullers and
      the ones who decide what we see and believe in the news. It’s brainwash and
      control and I really believe in my heart Donald Trump is going to make this
      country again and unite all of our races as one. The Democrats stir up
      racism because in turn it gives them more control! I’m fed up with the
      pathetic lies and empty promises. Obama could’ve really made a change but
      instead used his time to belittle our Christian values, make fun of our
      holidays, stir up racism, cause more violence in america, started and
      supports isis, shoved crappie obamacare down our throats as well as many
      executive orders without asking the publics opinion, put us in more debt
      than ever, released horrible prisoners dangerous to America from guantanamo
      bay just cuz they were Muslim. .. i could go on forever….. but he did a
      horrible job!!! I’m ready for a real change. Democrats are the offspring of
      the kkk. and have done nothing for us minorities for many years, empty
      promises!!! Donald Trump is our future!!! Latinos for trump right here!
      Donald Trump for President!

    2. +Xman Xman theres medias that will try to brainwash all people while they
      did to many and when you view my timeline posts you will see my flier you
      can copy and spread everywhere and in internet chat sites you can think of
      or search to help with trumps win for trump to take charge of the white
      house,gotta keep the witch hillary and the medias away from destroying what
      our country has left and what our country worked for and what stages our
      country has,everyone makes mistakes and all is not lost my friend.

    3. +James Herrin Hey that’s wierd, my friend and I also have made our own
      fliers and we have dropping them off in mailboxes or front doors at
      minority neighborhoods in Texas as well as we made several copies with our
      own money of the video “Clintons Cash” and drop those off too. We usually
      do it on weekends early In the morning to not cause us to get jumped by I
      explain in there about being a minority as well. I would love to look at
      what you have done, actually you can email me at djdejagroove@gmail.com yes
      I know Donald Trump is really leaving hillary behind in the polls and he’s
      really winning! I’m fed up with the lies!! Ya it’s mainstream media that
      brainwashes but right now there’s only 2 of us that use our own time to
      support Trump. IT’S TAKING ALOT Out Of ME AND My Family TIME But I believe
      this is for our children’s future!!! We cannot let the corruption bring us
      into their new world order… I will keep your info and thanku for your
      support god bless

  4. What I don’t understand is the normal thinking of these people who broke
    the law of immigration and arguing stating do you want my parents to be
    deported? Well, do you know that your parents broke the law and yes, for a
    better life. In all fairness what do you say to those people who did not
    broke the law and also in search for a better life waiting patiently to be
    process! Just putting my little spill to this very personal, sensitive as a
    whole matter. Thank you kiddos:)

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