One-on-one: Freeland outlines priorities for new cabinet, recovery from COVID-19

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland discusses the latest cabinet shuffle, energy sector and COVID-19 recovery.

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    1. You’re absolutely right. And while it’s not always the case, often cabinet ministers do not have extensive expertise, knowledge or experience in their respective portfolios. While the ministers provide oversight and preside politically, it’s usually the DM’s and ADM’s who are running their own departments and brief the minister accordingly.

  1. Social unrests and spike of crime rates will be inevitable now that this government has set the wrong priorities.

  2. Oil and gas in Canada had transitioned to cleaner operations long before the Libs took over. The Libs have strong armed that industry, and the largest companies have already packed up shop and moved south of the border.

  3. Is Trudeau stacking the house?
    I wouldn’t send this woman to the store for icecream, doesn’t seem like the cogs are meshing.

  4. There is every chance that this woman will be our next PM after Trudeau resigns because he’s bored. Can you imagine the damage she will do. Once her and Trudeaus governments have destroyed Canadas economy they’ll leave without even saying they’re sorry.

  5. This woman starts off with something that goes on and on about nothing and never answers a question. She is a babbler of nothing

  6. She’s very unlikable and terrible at her job. All the worst to her. Inflation doesn’t affect you as much when you’re making 100k+. Also. Why does she sound like that?

  7. Shes rich what does she care No jobs if you can’t afford gas She sounds like unicorn on walt Disney Shes full of it lots of it

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