1. @Mongo Blazingsaddles LMAO Can we see this “CURVE”…. Yes right here… its your heart beat monitor.

    2. @Squidward’s House hahahhahahahhaha hahhahahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahaa…..bwaaahhhahahahahahaha……..HAHAHAHAHAJA ,jajajajjajajjajajjajjajjsaa

  1. Never in a million years will I go along with another Covid mandate. I almost hope he does implement it so I can get some venom out

    1. if u complied with the covid cult’s maskimg then chances are ur weak and will comply again. I never complied even when businesses discriminated against mmy mask exemption and I had to sue them for human rights violations

    2. @Skeptical Unfortunately they can stop you from entering. They are a private company and can refuse anyone for any reason. Sorry 😐

  2. I like how it’s “top doctor” so the actual person can be changed and nobody even knows the name lol
    would be like referring to the leader of a country as the “country’s top politician” nobody whould know the guys name tho lol
    would make it super easy to switch them out at any time. no name to stand by or give a quote

  3. Doesn’t it say on the box that masks don’t keep out viruses ? You’d think a ‘top doctor’ would know that.. curious..

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