Outnumbered 8/26/16 FULL: Hillary Deleted Benghazi Documents! Hillary Wiped Server with BleachBit!

Outnumbered 8/26/16 full episode: Hillary Clinton deleted Benghazi documents! Hillary Clinton offends Donald Trump supporters, State Department ordered to release Hillary Clinton emails and documents, Hillary Clinton used a software called bleachbit to wipe her private server clean and hide evidence of corruption, Hillary Clinton on the defense about corrupt connections between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department.

Fox News – Outnumbered – August 26, 2016 – Full Episode



  1. You’re wrong about Alex. Over the past year, almost everyone has at least
    heard of him and now a lot of people are watching and listening to him.

  2. Hillary knows the heat on her she is trying to devirting atention away from
    herself. But sadly that’s not happening!

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