Outnumbered 9/21/16 Full: New Hillary Pay to Play Info! Hillary Gave 194 Donors State Dept Jobs!

Outnumbered 9/21/16 Full Episode: New Hillary Clinton Pay to Play Information! Hillary Clinton gave 194 donors to the Clinton Foundation State Department Jobs! In a poll, some of the most popular words associated with Hillary Clinton are "lie", "Scandal", "email", "health".

Fox News – Outnumbered – September 21, 2016 – Full Episode



    1. The strategy for corruption is to conceal your corruption.
      The problem is, …the corruption has been exposed and Hillary doesn’t
      understand there is no turning back.

  1. Trump needs to put out adds depicting all Killery lies, corruption etc. Im
    in Cali and I haven’t seen any add here. Ive seen only her adds and the
    spanish channels play them as well. Latinos are ill informed because there
    arent any Spanish anti Killery adds. Spanish TV watchers are getting
    bombarded with her adds and Only focus on immigration. Trump/Pence 2016!!!

    1. He’s not getting the billions of dollars Hillary is getting, so Trump has
      to use his money wisely. He’s not going to win California, and he knows
      that. No point for him to buy ads to run in California when it won’t
      provide him any kind of return. Better to take that money and spend it in
      Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, etc.

  2. so, obama is all for allowing other countries (tpp) to sue the US. but we
    cant sue other countries for crimes against the US?

  3. O’bummer will definitely veto the 9/11 lawsuit bill bcoz he is a covert
    subject of Saudi Arabia – remember his infamous bow to the Saudi King. For
    the same reason he refused steadfastly to call out “radical Islamic
    terrorism”, he will not dare to offend them.

  4. Not just emotional! Seeking justice! Yeh USA would be vulnerable to their
    atrocious illegal deeds on foreign soil, and why not? 

  5. These leftists and progressives must be getting worried by now. In fact,
    they’re getting desperate. The only real and genuine Dem candidate was
    sidelined by the corrupt DNC. And let’s be honest, would anyone in their
    right mind vote for that haggard old zombie, who is nothing more than a
    corporate shill and foot soldier for the Establishment? I doubt it. She’s
    not even healthy enough to be POTUS. It’s over for Hillary.

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