‘Panic Going On’ In Trump Org. Doesn’t Shock Donny Deutsh

Branding and marketing executive Donny Deutsch and Washington Post reporter David Farenthold break down the new organizational shifts within Trump’s companies, including that Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s indicted CFO, has been removed from several leadership positions

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  1. Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall
    that Mexico didn’t pay for at all
    All the Republicans, all the white men
    Couldn’t get Trump in the White House again

    1. @Eric Klaus
      My standards are superior to “common sense”.
      Common sense is often wrong and isn’t supported by evidence so much as it is confirmation bias.

  2. Trump is going to get so desperate he’s going to call on his minions to take action. Just watch. He has no boundaries.

    1. @Larry Yep …he WAS a president. Now he’s just a rabid dog in search of a home and leading his rabid pack to death.
      He’s really not worth dying for.

    2. @Eddie Gooden THEY’RE the ones in danger. Not too hard to figure em out.
      U can bet LE is monitoring them closely.
      August whatever teenth they will be met with a huge resistance.
      Biden is far from asleep. To think he is…their 1st of many mistakes they gonna make

    1. @Sharon Wells save your pity. They are adults. They had a choice to stay sucking at the Trump teat or make their own life

    2. GEORGIA

      It is alleged that Stacey Abrams has a financial connection to Happy Faces via a company she co-founded named NowAccount.

      Fulton County’s Election Director said in a June meeting that they hired 300-400 temporary election workers from Happy Faces.

      Fulton County observation notes from Carter Jones repeatedly mentions election workers from “Happy Faces”.

      Now, that it has been proven that duplicated ballots were counted and tally sheets were falsified, 

      it will be interesting to see if any of these election workers worked for Happy Faces

    3. @toasteh <—— TRUMP CORRUPT CHILD. Can’t handle the truth and the eminent downfall…blah blah blah 😒

  3. Trump is more scared of people finding out how little money he has, instead of the depth of corruption.

    1. @Karen Smith Your talking about not paying taxes when your orange lowlife coward hero brags about not paying taxes. And why? Because he doesnt make any money to pay taxes. Straight out of his own mouth. Such a “businessman”.

    2. @Karen SmithFalse idols? that is rich coming from a sheep trumper., utterly incapable of individual, critical thought.

    3. Biden should look into the root causes of why Cubans want to come to America.
      It must be climate change.

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