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  1. Perception of Greed and Corruption:
    The substantial salary increase also fuels the public perception of greed and corruption within the political class. It reinforces the notion that politicians are more interested in personal gain than in serving the public interest. Such perceptions erode the faith citizens have in their elected officials and can lead to political apathy and disengagement. Politicians must demonstrate that they are committed to public service and prioritize the well-being of the nation above their own financial gain.

  2. The media, the opposition, the analyst. The people has no representation. Very sad for our country

  3. The 9 mil the prime Minister was getting was basic salary and oftentimes their allowances are more than the salary plus the prime Minister gets almost everything free off the country’s expense

  4. Sad days in the country I love😔. Empathy is not a word that even exist in most of these politicians minds. Your pm said he thought about it before they made the decision and they did expect backlash so it’s just premeditated plan . You want to be paid for performance you have not delivered with hopes to deliver in the future. Makes no sense.

  5. I’m really surprise when we have these discussion, the total figure for all person in the public sector is not display. Base on those figure that was display in the house of Parliament especially for Teacher Nurses and Doctors, the increase were from 180 to 200%, and the the opposition agree to the increase. After DR Clarke Complete his Presentation in the House of Parliament, the opposition MP, Julian Robinson got up and stated that he supported the Compensation Reform increased. Every aspect of how each group of public sector worker payment/income was arrived at, was broken down and explained to the House. DR Clarke also stated that the delivery system in some department such as in the teaching profession, was not paying the teacher the correct amount, due to individual not able to do the correct calculation. We cannot have a media in Jamaica that speak around the truth or withhold information, or do not have the correct information when thy speak on a subject. I have taken the time to watch the proceeding on the compensation debate so I can articulate the fact as it came for the highest court in the land “Parliament” Why is it that the media in Jamaica cannot give clear truthful info to the public? Everything I have stated here can be check within Parliament Record; nothing that was said by the media is truly credible!


    2. O” and by the way, how about asking the opposition why they vote for the increase, and now singing a different tune???

    3. @EJ Watson So the problem is, You don’t want to pay tax? You should get high pay, and don’t pay taxes! So all this hullaballoo is bout you don’t want to be a full contributor to the Jamaican economy? Yes you are a Nurse, and you play a pivotal role in society however, you used the Road, The Water, The Sewer System, Security of yourself and Family, and all the other Government services. I’ll say this to you and all the other hypocrite in Jamaica, if you want this country to progress, please look at the big picture!!!

  6. In my opinion, if we should pay these politicians according to their performance, isn’t it clear that base on that metric their should be a pay cut. Ask any person in jamaica if they are satisfied with their MP and look and listen to their responses.

  7. I honestly don’t kno what more “sensible jamaicans needs to hear.

    From the horses mouth:
    MoF:said the increase is aim at attracting and retaining politicians.
    PM: said the increase is long overdue, as without it politicians an d ministers has no true reason to perform…

    They said it… what more can they say?

    Dr. Teachers,firefolks,police,nurses (even tho they alone saw a significant increase in salaries) immigration,customs… yall need to just take a week cause clearly yall getting substantial pay to still be performing lol 😂 ja isn’t a real place tpc

  8. After all is said, the concern remains, the Jamaican electorate ( teachers and police especially ) will still vote along party lines come the next General election.

  9. Dr. Stokes make a whole eep of sense. But in Jamaica up is down and down is up – go fugure.

  10. I keep hearing the term “bad mind”, creeping into just about every conversation. To me, this is a way to dismiss any and every other possible theories about anything yuh nuh like.

  11. Well said about the lack of empathy in these decisions. It sends the wrong message and gives the current and next generation the wrong example.

  12. very good discussion, lots of valid points. It would be best if they had announce the accountability measures first then grant the increase based on a performance based system. So have a livable base but then have performance bonuses based on hitting specified targets. In terms of accountable, that needs to be an independent body. Do you think the PM will publish that his ministers not performing? An example could be as follows – PM $15M base and target maximum of $25M. To earn the extra $10M, would agree to some targets and get measured against those. Maybe give the target to the Integrity Commission or similar agency, they verify compliance and then extra pay is allowed. Something along that line. I find the OKR system a good method for this type of situation

  13. Since them have so much, money Band 1 should be
    5 mill per year .
    We are not being greedy . We need a liveable wage.

  14. On his meager salary of approximately $9m, the PM managed to build in Beverly Hills a big multi million house that far exceeds his pay scale…so he must be doing quite well in his personal investments outside of being a servant of the people…the same is true for many other MPs…so do they really need some 200% salary increase?

    1. Well said, Many of these politicians have careers & businesses outside the government responsibility.

  15. The civil servant base line is low as well, so why is it stucks at 20%. The reality is there are no reasonable explanations but blatant scamming.

  16. Politicians dont leave politics early so you can imagine with the increase. When is the new minds as they say gonna get a chance 🤔.

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