1. Disgusting lack of integrity by Gaetz. He is definitely Anti-American if he is presenting China’s propaganda as truth.

    2. ​@Thomas Armsworthy Jr Apologize? The local investigators in Gates home State are still amazed and dumbfounded that the prosecutor didn’t file charges. Did daddy pay off someone, AGAIN!

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Did Matt Gaetz apologize for lying every time he opens his mouth and did the right-wing extremist media apologize for lying and slandering Dominion Voting Systems?

    1. ​@Crayon Parfait the ‘Azov Battalion’ is a piece of Russian disinformation from when they claimed their invasion was to “de-Nazify” Ukraine. China being Russia’s closest ally in tyranny gives them motive to also spread disinformation for Putin.

    1. @Lundun Dansqua Please,if you can’t speak or write English,don’t respond….you make Zero sense

    2. @Eski E you asked about their mind set… or mind setting…. You following?…. I made a joke saying their mind settings were turned off…. Like their brains are turned off….. you wrote “sent” btw, kinda hypocritical of you to say anything about my language skills, but ok…..

    3. @Eski E didn’t read a single thing I wrote did you. Maybe put down the victim complex kid and actually read what I was saying. I was making a joke about Florida republicans. Not my fault you are slow.

    1. Can anybody tell me why people like Taylor-Green and Gatz are allowed to undermine their government like that? They think they’re doing in Joe Biden and democrats but it’s America that looks bad. SMH. I’m an outsider looking in.

    2. @Loraine Moore It’s because their party leadership let’s them get away with it. And the reason for that is that Kevin McCarthy is in Trump’s pocket. Whatever Trump tells Kevin goes.

    1. ​@Tam Rilyhea but you’re dear leader joe Biden said she was 13 and i was 30 when I had sex with her 😂

    2. @Tim Manning total dimwit to not use his gigantic 6head for ad space😳🤦‍♂ dummy x100😐🤣🙋‍♂😁✌😎

  1. That’s what happens when you elect people not based on their intelligence but on their rat-smarts.

    1. In what way is smug Matt Gaetz smart. He in congress because of the number of deranged delusional brain dead imbeciles in his electorate.
      The the GOP ran a cardboard cut-out of Hitler for congress in Gaetz’s district, it would be elected.

    2. When will you understand the simple facts of trumpoid political life? Ignorance, coupled with gaslighting, conspiracy theories, lies, omission of facts, and triggering of liberals are their badge of courage and essential ingredients of their modes of operation.

    1. And what’s worse is he is getting paid a good sum of money but not really doing his job…WTF Florida…do better!!

    2. @Jim Nicholson didn’t you hear? For some reason they are the only people in the US that can’t survive on $174,000 a year. They are struggling and need help putting food on their table. He probably has to Uber all night to make ends meet and doesn’t have time to know what he is talking about. 😝

  2. says all we need to know about the quality of the current house repubs. a member of the house armed services committee brings a random article to a hearing to use against an american secretary of defense– without any clue as to the source of the article.

    1. Traitors, all of these far right republicans are traitors. Absolutely no concept of patriotism.

    2. @Abimbola Owolabi Even if the article were true, it means nothing since Putin invaded Ukraine in 2014, a full 4 years prior to the time period of his argument. Trump wanted to withhold that exact military aid unless the Ukrainians concocted a criminal story about Biden or his son.

      Matt Gaetz and the like have sold out their country for personal gain. May they suffer eternally for their misdeeds.

    3. The chef’s kiss is that Dr. Kahl had a better understanding of the article presented by Gaetz, and then calmly shot the question down.

    4. Just love the manner in which Kahl handled the foolish gaetz. The only thing that didn’t happen was for the fool to end his questioning with a classic SNL Roseanne Rosanna Danna “Never mind”.😏

  3. That was just flat out amazing. These republicans need to just give up on that so called high horse they put themselves on. From a Chinese newspaper my god!!

    1. What an embarrassing blunder! Citing Chinese propaganda in an attempt to discredit US aid to Ukraine!

    2. but still azov have alot of us made weapons. u can see that in there footage they set online. so there is some true in that story 😀

  4. Gaetz is that kid who thinks googling as he has breakfast and printing a few notes will outsmart his teacher as having done his homework.
    Who votes for these planks?

    1. @Tamás Polyák Since you know how to explain with pretty pictures in the YouTube comment section, more power to you. Tell me how it goes.

    2. @Andrea Cooks Um, no. They were an elite combat battalion. Some of their unit insignia was deliberately misinterpreted and badly propagandized

    3. @C Clemen There is no Azov battalion. It was disbanded after being wiped out in the defence of Mariupol. They weren’t Nazis, some of their unit insignia was deliberately misinterpreted and badly propagandized

    1. @Jason Ahlstrand Indeed I remember Regan calling commies the “evil empire” not making excuses to not support forces fighting them and cozying up to them no less like Gaetz orange hair boss did.

    2. What do you expect from a state that’s biggest industry is medical & insurance fraud.
      Followed by poorly made guns and drug imports and domestic pill mills.

  5. Matt kept getting his face slapped from start to finish in that brief exchange. The difference between competent and incompetent in full display.
    He must like it. 🤣🤣

  6. It’s funny how he tried to awkwardly save save himself by asking if propaganda is true, then proceeds to realize what he’s saying makes no sense.

    1. Yes he agrees with the assessment that Chinese propaganda should not be taken seriously yet he answers it into evidence. Facepalm

    2. But the propoganda is true & it’s still called propoganda cuz we don’t like the CCP……. Lol

    3. yeah Dr. Kahl really could have leaned in and asked. “you want me to validate if Chinese propaganda is true?”

  7. The glee on the face of the black staffer sitting behind Dr. Kahl when he asked Matt Gaetz if his information was from the Chinese Global Times. PRICELESS!!! 🤩

    1. Can we just apreciate thar Dr Khal is so well informed that he knew exactly the source of the information?

  8. Being 58 years old and never failing to be surprised, how dumb we are in who we choose to lead us is stupifying!

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