Pentagon Reports More Than 122,500 Evacuated From Afghanistan

The Pentagon reports that more than 122,500 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan as the August 31 deadline to withdraw closes in. NBC's Courtney Kube reports from the Pentagon.

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Pentagon Reports More Than 122,500 Evacuated From Afghanistan


    1. @Jeremy Saunders do you know why they don’t know how many Americans are in Afghanistan, you low-IQ? It’s because US citizens are not required to register with our embassies when they travel abroad.

    2. @James Montgomery the talibans are in charge. Would you waste resources when you can get the same results? Donnie and Pompeo trusted them so much that they reduced our troops number from 15k to 2,5k then freed 5,000 of their fighters.

    3. By midnight – 2 hours and 12 minutes from now ET, none who want to leave will be there – if they are, they will be evacuated but they should go to jail for putting our service members in danger to extract them when they’ve had 18 months to get TF OUT.
      If Joe would have fallen for trump’s bait and started a new war in May to “complete the plan” we’d have hundreds of service casualties and at least dozens of beheaded hostages by now.
      4D chess? Do the right thing every time, take the political hit and own your job because that’s your job

    4. @Richard De Fortune Trump release 5000 taliban and Biden release 5000 isis they both want to balance in Afghanistan

    1. @ClassicFIHD
      That’s the old college try, at least you have SOMETHING even if it’s wrong

      1) -Pulled out before evacuating the American Embassy-
      He didn’t pull out, he beefed up the numbers after relocating 42 miles away to the airport on July 5th from an isolated air base – on advice of the generals. That put the troops within minutes of the Embassy instead of an hour and a half away. The Embassy was closed 10 days later.

      Yes he has drawn down support troops since almost tripling them to accomplish the mission but there are still more there at Midnight Aug 30/31 than Trump left in country on January 20. They’ll all be out by sunrise

      2) -Pulled out leaving thousands of Americans and our allies stranded in-country-

      He didn’t pull out shYt. He beefed up forces from 2500 to 6000 and then drew them down as the mission was completed. Why? Reduce exposure to our precious lives in uniform.
      Trump and Stephen Miller sabotaged the special immigrant visa (SIV) and should have had all allies and civilians out before he left office. Any civilian there today is only endangering our troops and NATO forces that will be collecting them until the last that wants to come is out. 97 countries have a single agreement with the Taliban to assist us in that effort.

      3) -Pulled out and never notified our allies-

      If the commander at Bagram wasn’t notified until we reached Kabul, there was a very good security reason for that. Those guys just let all the goat herders outside the gates come in and loot the place until the sun rose. The writing was on the wall about the Afghan armed forces buckling – but you and I didn’t know that since Secretary Miller didn’t give congress a risk assessment on troop desertions, counter-insurgency strength or even police equipment status before Trump illegally drew the forces down to 2500 (see defense authorization act 2021 veto override 81-13 in the Senate)

      4) -Left behind $90 Billion worth or the most advance military armaments that American taxpayers paid for-

      Did the 2500 nurses, clerks, and fighters Biden inherited from Trump have control of that materiaal? Then who did? Including the Trump transfers and destructions nearly a thousand cargo planes worth of stuff left the country before August – much of the rest was disabled or destroyed. A lot of doorknobs and windows go into the detailed inventory of what was left at Bagram – everything else is on trump since he closed all of the other bases, didn’t he?

      5) -Gave names of Americans we wanted the enemy to give safe passage to-
      Yup, one busload at a time and each and every one of them made it through didn’t they? Show me one list with one name of an Afghan or American on it that didn’t come through the gate – you can’t because it is a conflated bulltrump story.


    1. @James Montgomery Relax Bud. Its the USA!
      I know its strange to you because of lost faith over the last 4 years but its the USA!🇺🇸
      Everyone will get out and those that chose to stay. Bless them on their journeys!

    2. @Anthony Rojas i don’t what’s more depressing this… or the fact someone thinks its just the last 4 years.

    3. @Tom L. I think it is well done. We lost about 20 trying to get out—–and lost 2000 plus in 20 years over there. There is a cost to these things. How many died getting out of Vietnam? Sadly——Obama promised to get us out——then never did. Shame on him—–and some blame on Trump for also not getting all the US troops out. He came close—-but no cigar. Nobody is blaming Biden for getting us out with so few lives lost. I’d have guessed over a hundred would die withdrawing——didn’t you?

    1. @Mark Evans Conservatism is a severe mental disorder. You belong in a padded room wearing a straitjacket.

  1. OMG, I see haters!
    Just once for your life be glad that our troops are coming home soon…
    And if you have doubts that they’re not coming home or anything negative… Go take that somewhere else!

    1. @Mark Evans Ok Bud! Get in line. Lets wait for the evacuations to end. We have traitors in the United States! Foriegn affairs later! Need to protect our homeland and route out all insurrectionists and traitors!

    2. @ORANGE GENERAL Covid 19 = Trump=650,000 Americans not going home!
      What’s your point!
      13 Beautiful lives to give 122,000 a chance!
      That’s the USA 🇺🇸way!
      That’s why Memorial Day is so special!
      Everyone of our military loss resembles millions of free people!
      Even you!
      You just don’t recognize because someone called them cowards and losers!

    3. OMG, if you are happy for 13 US servicemen, 2 British civilians, and 200 Afghan civilians who died at the airport in Kabul, you better go to your neurologist to check your brain. Because Joe Biden is incompetent, he created a humanitarian crisis and innocent people was killed. People here who are angry about the Afghan crisis means that their brains are functioning well.




    1. @Dock Newton 11 and if you mean by “Bidens debacle” the terrorist attack by ISIS. So now I guess we’re blaming Biden for a terrorist attack. By that logic Bush killed over 3000 Americans on 9/11.

      By the way. All of those 11 deaths in the last 18 months were under tRump. This last attack is the first deaths under Biden.

    2. @Dock Newton You know what happens when you go to war in another country. US soldiers die. The sooner we get out the sooner that stops happening. tRump kept us there his entire presidency, Biden has us out in his first year. And there may be more US deaths until every last man is out.

    3. @No Return Yes I’m blaming Joe Biden for every bit of this, but I have a good reason for that. He’s the Commander in Chief and has been for the last 8 months. It’s not like it’s his first day on the job.

    4. @UCu6sT07XGzngXZLBTmZfFuA Well you’re wrong. It’s 11 not including the last 13 which makes 24 in the last 18 months total. A lot more will have to die under Biden to catch up to tRumps numbers. Maybe tRump should have pulled out in 2016 then there would be 0 under Biden.

    5. @Dock Newton I don’t care if you blame Biden. But it would have been the same under any president. It was always going to be messy. After 20 years the Afghan military still wasn’t prepared. They wouldnt have been any better 6 months from now, or 4 years from now. And we would have had to ramp up operations massively to try and steal back that equipment from the Afghan military. The reason deaths were treated during down is because operations were slowing massively in advance of withdrawal and troops were leaving. To steal that equipment would have meant 10’s of thousands of troops sent back to Afghanistan which increases the risk of more deaths 10x. And sending troops back in is the opposite of getting out. I’m sure your just as mad at tRump for the 11 Americans killed in 2020 right??

  2. Thank you for doing the really difficult, complex, dangerous work it takes to withdraw our forces, personnel and Afghan support workers when no one else was willing or able to do it. Hope for the safe return for all.

    1. Dementia Joe Biden is a stubborn self-righteous US president who didn’t listen to his own national security team and to his OWN WOKE MILITARY GENERALS for their advice. As a result, 13 US servicemen, 2 British nationals, and 200 Afghans civilians was killed at the airport in Kabul. Because of his incompetence, their blood is on Joe Biden’s hand. THANK YOU???

    1. @kingnicii Did tRump claim to get us out of the war yet keep us in for his entire term, yes.

      Did Biden successfully get us out, yes.

    2. @kingnicii lmao. “Created’ which war did Biden create again..? The one Bush got us into? You know nothing.

    3. @kingnicii Where’d you go. Off to leave the same stupid comment on 100 other videos. I got news for you. Biden isn’t getting impeached for making the incredibly popular decision to finally get us out of Afghanistan.

      tRump didn’t even get removed for causing an insurrection at our Capitol. Even though less than 1/3 of the country supports him.

    1. @Robbie Weirdicht your the fool..

      If usa leaves Afghanistan the Taliban will come to America.. thats us soil.. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️
      Maybe u forgot 911 🤦‍♂️👌👌👌

    1. @Niro Taylor How do you know when somebody trying to argue politics is way out of their depth.

      It’s the emojis for me.

    2. @No Return no need to keep trying. The facts remain the same. The Biden admin choose to pull out the military before evacuating civilians, allies, and US military equipment. Everything that has happened afterwards is a direct result of that decision. No matter how much you try to blame everyone else, those are the facts jack. 😁😁

    3. @Niro Taylor  same comment for the 21st time.

      We could not have taken the equipment. It belonged to the Afghan military and would have taken years more to get out.

      We couldn’t evacuate “allies” because the tRump administration crippled the Visa program those allies will be waiting years, decades to get visas to be able to leave.

      The civilians knew the war was ending. They should have left themselves, and those that didn’t are getting out as we speak.

      Now keep posting those same 3 talking points 50 more times and the response will be the same.

    4. @Niro Taylor Since you’re clearly an expert military strategist. How long would it have taken to steal back all that equipment from the afghanis and evacuate all the “civilians and allies” and how many men would it take?

      Don’t you think it would have been pretty crual to leave the Afghan military without any of the equipment we had supplied them over the last 20 years. Especially before anybody knew they would abandon their posts. I mean you clearly care so much about our allies right..?

  3. 122,5k in less than 2 weeks. If any previous administration wanted really to leave, they could have done it in 4 or 8 years.

    1. @Richard De Fortune wow, he evacuated a bunch of people but still left behind several hundred americans, but most likely thousands, and still several thousand afghans who will soon be beheaded. Not to mention the fact he allowed the taliban to release thousands of taliban and isis prisoners during the withdrawal (dont even bother mentioning trump). The Taliban also was donated $85 billion in weapons including 600000 machine guns, $2 billion in humvees, and more appache helicopters than 85% of the worlds militaries have. He also got 13 marines and more than 100 afghans because he trusted the taliban as airport security who let the bombers through. That drone strike we sid yesterday killed 9 family members including 6 kids. Good job biden administration. Ignore all the bad facts about the withdrawal huh

    2. @Bruh You want to talk about ignoring bad facts? tRump killed so many civilians with airstrikes he signed an order that made it so they didnt have to release reports on how many they killed. The Afghan military abandoned that equipment not the US forces, we gave it to them. If tRump had gotten us out (which he didn’t I’m his 4 years) the same equipment would have still been in Afghanistan kid.

    3. @No Return Do u have any proof of this supposed order trump signed or r u spewing bull****? A lot of the equipment we left behind couldve been destroyed by our own trioops. I understand that the taliban would get some of there equipment, but $85 billion? Pretty sure the withdrawal was too fast which is why they got so much of the equipment.

    4. @Bruh um yes there is proof it’s public record, and a well known fact. If we had stayed behind to blow up Humvees that will only last a year anyways how many more Americans would end up dying for equipment. It would take years to deal with that mess, and the US didn’t expect the Afghan military to abandon the equipment we gave them so why would we blow it up. The fact is the Taliban can’t maintain that gear. They aren’t ak-47’s that will last 40 years in the desert. And they can’t afford the ammo. I’m sure the US will drone strike the aircraft eventually. It takes a fleet of mechanics to service that stuff. Most if it will be in operational in a year. And it will be hard for them to use it against us when we aren’t there.

    5. @No Return We hadnt even taken any casualtiea for 18 months and havent been in an active combat role since 2014. The afghans have been fighting thiis was by themselves, just with us air support and leadership. When we left we gave them no air support (in trumps deal he could still provide air support for the afghans) and biden didn’t leave any contractors to service the afghan airforce. I dont think they werr trained as well as many people think and mostly relied on us air support to get the job done. I doubt biden will do anything to actually hurt the taliban or Isi when we r gone. He is a weak old fool. Some of it my be inoperational soon, but they coukd use it to do a lot of harm or be plnning another large scale terrorist attack.

    1. not really, Old Joe provided the name US citizens in Afghanistan and Afghans who helped the US to the Taliban. so if you don’t catch the last plane out someone will come looking for you.

  4. “I mean, those lights that are just shooting out from the Lincoln Memorial along the Reflecting Pool, it is like almost extensions of Joe Biden’s arms embracing America.”
    —David Chalian
    January 20, 2021

    “No more waking at 3 AM full of existential dread. Tonight we sleep like we used to when we were 5 & we fell asleep in the backseat of the car knowing that Dad was in charge & nothing bad could happen. Good night, America!”
    — Melanie Benjamin
    January 21, 2021

  5. I wouldn’t believe this corrupt administration on anything after what they have done. They are a disgrace and should all resign or be removed by the military.

  6. Planes including commercial airlines should be flying in NON-STOP until everyone is out !! Leaving interpreters is inexcusable.

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