Pfizer claims 3rd dose boosts safety against Delta variant

New data today from Pfizer shows that a third dose of their COVID-19 vaccine can significantly boost protection against the Delta variant.

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  1. 5 times more antibodies does not indicate that the shots can prevent or lessen severity of infection..

    1. ..indicated in July 23 published study- *Antibody Response After a Third Dose of the m R N A 1273 S A R S CoV 2 Vacc!ne in Kidney Transplant Recipients With Minimal Serologic Response to 2 Doses-* published JAMA network.

    2. @Jumbo Me not according to the above published study I referred to.
      “The possibility that patients developed cellular immunity capable of conferring protection against severe disease was not assessed. However, the occurrence of severe C O V I D 1 9 in some vacc!nated transplant recipients may suggest a lack of immunity”.

    1. Trudeau already ordered 60 million doses per year for next 3 years. Don’t take any jabs and never submit to the masks!!

    2. And the longer idiots put off getting those vaccines or not practicing all the spread prevention recommendations, the longer this will go on. Anti-vaxxers are the ones creating the situation they rail against. Idiots.

  2. The 8th dose will do excellent against the lamda variant. Mixing 5 shots of all 4 brands will do best again the zeta variant. Confirmed by science.

  3. Coca Cola claims they have the best soft drink, Sony claims PlayStation is the best console, McDonalds claims they have the best burgers…..

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