‘Please stop talking out the clock’: Convoy lawyer to Freeland | Emergencies Act inquiry

'Please stop talking out the clock and let me ask my questions': Convoy lawyer Brendan Miller questions Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland about the vaccine compensation fund.

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    1. Only here they answer questions 6 different ways to Sunday. I’m surprised they are not also allowed to repeat their answers in French as well to drag it out even more.

    2. And we pay the cost, we are paying her salary for her to be there, and the cost of the commission, and we pay for Parliament, and we pay for the speaker, and all the of guards, and every bit of that Parliament, and when Trudeau or others act like this, we pay the price.

    1. Lol – so true. All feeeloader is capable of is dissembling blathering and deflecting until the clock runs out – typical of our lieberal dis-government.

  1. In all seriousness, it’s a major action to use the Emergency Act. The further up the political ladder we climb in these questionings, the less accountability we see. Scary.

    1. No, the lawyer just didn’t like her answers, so like the true bully he is, he thought he would grandstand.

    2. @Goftar Niik No what she was doing was explaining to the petulant lawyer her answers. That he didn’t like her answers was obvious, leading him to try and bully the answer he wanted out of her. He had no interest in the facts, he’s a poser looking for his 15 min. of fame.

    3. Why is there a clock at all. She should be in an interrogation room with no ability to leave or take breaks until she answers the questions asked of her. What a broken system

  2. I mean she has always dodged questions and never gave an actual Yes or No answer 99% of the time so I am not surprised….

  3. She knows exactly what she’s doing ..using up the clock so she doesn’t have to answer the real tough questions. As for not answering questions we all know that that’s been part of her job description . Glad to see that this great lawyer was allowed back into the courtroom. Well done sir.

  4. This whole inquiry is interesting but let’s be honest,even if it’s decided the emergency act wasn’t justified.
    No one will be held accountable,so the whole thing is really just a waste of time.

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