PM Justin Trudeau announces slate of new economic sanctions against Russia at G7 summit

CTV's Glen McGregor shares the latest round of economic sanctions Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has imposed against Russia.

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  1. so when is he replacing the leopard 2’s its been a quite a few weeks now. I’m waiting. 2046 perhaps?

    1. Seriously where the hell does he keep going..why isn’t he working on affordable housing and groceries..with rising rents, mortgages and groceries we’ll all end up in the streets

    1. @Mr. Ashenfire I would have thought it’s because she’s a woman who disagrees with him. He has a history of that.

  2. Does this mean Canada is going to stop importing Russian aluminum? Even though Canada has plenty thereof.

    1. I’m canadian, i try and buy as little canadian goods as possible, so i hope they do not

  3. Sorry Fuhrer , I’m struggling to pay my mortgage and keep food in the fridge, too busy to pay attention to your latest deception.

  4. Kudos to his handlers making sure he took his geisha makeup and kimono off before cameras started rolling

  5. at this point it is really embarrassing and slightly pathetic too. like, yeah we ain’t going to do anything meaningful but we will implement symbolic irrelevant undertakings just to show that we kind of bothered, but not really, you know.

  6. 5 fights in the same highschool involving more than 60 teens today in one of his nation’s cities …and yet he smiles, and waves pretending that hell is not real.

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