Poilievre, Freeland butt heads over Canada’s cost of living, inflation struggle

CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre and Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland debate on Canada's struggle with inflation and the high cost of living.

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  1. How desperate is Freeland that she mentions the housing that is provided to the office leader of the opposition and not also mention the multiple residences that the taxpayers also pay for for the PM.

    1. Nor the lavish trips financed by taxpayers and ‘family friends’ of the Prime Minister. Nobody has ever said he shouldn’t be able to travel. What everyone has been consistent on is that he shouldn’t be fronting expensive accommodations on everyone elses dime. Also the false equivalency to Pierre having luxury does not negate the fact that what he said was not untrue, nor does it negate the fact that he’s actually standing up for the citizens of the country who are becoming increasingly poverty stricken. It’s simply a thinly veiled attempt to say “oh y-yeah well you’re rich too!”

    1. she did answer… its the job of the Prime Minister to represent Canada at the international level… I get that the cost of living is high and they should be doing more to address that… but these are two very separate issues, so its a pretty dumb argument from the conservative guy

  2. Sounds like she’s saying: back off, you are a pretender too, we will continue business as usual because we want to and continue screwing over the Canadian taxpayer and further the generational divide

  3. She has a solution “ give up on Disney Plus”
    They laughing at Canadians giving themselves fatty bonuses and raises

  4. Messages accused Freeland of being “smug,” “elitist,” “clueless” and “entitled.”

    All things be in equal the simplest solution tend to be the right one.
    Conservative Party of Canada🥰

    Flush it
    Liberals NDP let it make skid marks on the way out.
    I’m 100% to vote ☑️ Poilievre!!

    1. My 4 year old wanders around saying “Meeeester Speeeeeker let me be clear” she tginks it is hilarious

    1. 100 😱 % .. 😈 comes in all shapes and sizes .. Where did Freeland come from, and who is she related to?

  5. Conservatives vs Liberals…both are paid well and have a high standard of living. The difference: Conservatives fight for Canadian citizens quality of life!

    1. You’re not setting the bar very high. The tree that I am currently looking at makes more sense to be PM than Trudeau.

  6. What exactly do we think Freeland and Trudeau actually accomplish on their jet setting travels? Answer not a lot of anything.

  7. Why can’t Justin do these meeting online? And not burn all that jet fuel? The environment needs it, no?

  8. There should be a mechanism in place where-by the MP has to answer the question or be removed from office if they continue like that.

    1. There is… It’s called “arming the community.” But the government doesn’t like that.

  9. Pierre Trudeau did the exact same thing, jet setting around the world. I remember him going all across the world,with something he made up and called it a peace proposal. He also took his two young sons with him. Another wonderful holiday, at taxpayer’s expense.

  10. Hit 100k today. Thank you for all the knowledge and nuggets you had thrown my way over the last months. Started with 8k in June 2022

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