Police search van after 10 people were killed in California massacre

Investigators are trying to determine whether a man barricaded in a white van in Torrance, California, is the same man who killed 10 people in Monterey Park, the Los Angeles County sheriff said.
SWAT officers were in an hours-long standoff at the scene of the van, which resembles a vehicle that may be connected with the massacre at the Monterey Park dance studio.
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  2. Condolences to the families who lost their loved ones , on this horrible crime against innocent lives

  3. We’ve made this country a terrible place to be in. So many are poor, desperate, and hopeless. And our government (and sometimes our fellow citizens) is still trying to take more away from regular people to put into the pockets of the already wealthy.
    We need to make America a good place to live again. We can’t have all these hopeless people running around and expect them not to do crazy things like this.

    1. You can blame those 81 million people who voted for the clown and his current administration in office ,they can’t even secure the border . See how that’s working for you America!
      TRUMP 2024 MAGA

    2. @Donnie TRUMP 
      You can blame those 81 million people who voted for the clown and his current administration in office ,they can’t even secure the border . See how that’s working for you America!
      TRUMP 2024 MAGA

    3. @Cyn K 
      You can blame those 81 million people who voted for the clown and his current administration in office ,they can’t even secure the border . See how that’s working for you America!
      TRUMP 2024 MAGA

    4. Blame Biden he’s letting all the drugs in thru the border by not securing it , to many mentally challenged people on drugs

  4. This is so sad. School shootings, stranger shootings, all kinds of shootings!! We’ve lost a few law enforcement officers recently to murder, and senseless shootings of people minding their business. It’s becoming target practice for these mass murderers. 😢😢😢

    1. @Spicy Irwin Totally agree with you. The firearms laws we have in Canada are way above what they are in the US. With the higher incidence of shootings here (nothing close to the US), Canada is reinforcing our laws banning most firearms, even some hunting rifles. The illegal cross-border sales of arms will be closely monitored and those found in their possession will spend a good amount of time in jail. Hunters don’t agree with the upcoming new laws. I grew up in a family of hunters and they are all p’d off about it. I can understand why. But look at what Australia has done. Since they banned firearms after the Christchurch massacre, they haven’t had another mass shooting. Gun laws work if you enforce them.

    2. @mile_high_topher These children you talk about. Do you know the demographics of these shootings? Guess where the vast majority of them happen. Inner city black neighborhoods is where they happen. But you want to be brainwashed into believing it’s white suburbia. The Democrats are already blaming white supremacists for this shooting. Yet the shooter was Asian too.

  5. Don’t know why, but it brought back memories from the Christmas explosion in Nashville, those swat members are very brave, they deserve more recognition

    1. @Steve from Saskatoon Yeah, I know why too, completely. It’s obvious why, right? I’m just waiting for you to say why, so I know you actually know, definitely.

  6. It will take time for investigators to get details and facts about the motive. In time, they will yield answers to the public explaining the motive behind this awful massacre.

  7. My condolences to the family members of those who lost their lives. I am so sick and tired of all of the killings in our country, especially here in Philly where I live. Charles Ramsey, thanks for all that you did when you were our police commissioner 💙.

    1. @Ari Gold Ok, Trump. If you say so. You don’t know what the word hoax means. Trump doesn’t either. You are truly a sick person if you believe that those people getting murdered and injured was a hoax! Stop using words that you have no idea as to their meanings.

    2. @Valerie Watkins I hate Trump. It’s just an another obvious hoax, fake story. It’s so obvious! 🤣👊🏾

    3. Democrat mayors, district attorneys, reps, governor etc… you get what you deserve in Philly Chicago LA Detroit San Fran etc..

  8. Lunatic destroys the lunar year celebration, whatever his anger is about all it has done is created more sadness.

  9. Condolences to all the families, thoughts and prayers for individuals that were shot. 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  10. This dance studio is frequented by older couples who enjoy dancing. They were gathering to celebrate the eve of the lunar new year. What a terrible tragedy for the families and community.

    1. I’m a ballroom dance aficionado 💃🏽. I’m stunned and heartbroken for their dance community.😿

    2. @Eva Burnz They’re saying now it was to do with his wife being there without him. He went in found his wife and started shooting.

  11. I feel very bad for the people this must be a celebration and it turned out to be disaster something has to change

  12. prayers to the families affected im so sick an tired of hearing these things and ive never even been to america its still painfull

  13. My condolences to the victim’s family members. It’s horrible that one man’s horrible actions cost the lives of those good people.


      Americans doing what they are good at and what they enjoy doing.

      Nothing to add really.

  14. Condolences to the families who lost loved ones! Great JOB, LAPD! Proud of your quick response and locating the sick person! May God bless America!

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